Usual media omissions, related to the 2014 Ukrainian conflict:

  • I see omissions, for review.

    First, Imperial Russia took Crimea, from the Ottomans, in the 1700s, but Soviet Russia ceded it, to Ukraine, in 1954, upon Khrushchev’s premiership, following Stalin’s death.

    This looks logical, on the map, IF we still had the former Soviet Union, intact, but rather this dissolved, and NATO and the EU have been not only busy, at pawning purloined surveillance, from the US, or there would be no totally fake classic punk rock, funk, disco, et al, since Nixon was president, but also at recruiting former Soviet bloc nations, to join NATO and the EU, etc.

    Putin is up against something, since Viktor Yanukovych was a gross tyrant, heading down the murderous Assad path, but with wrinkles, of embezzlement and gross, exploitive opulence, including one bell, at his mansion, to summon sex, with another bell, to summon alcohol. Hey, this was no reason, to abandon a parliamentary constitution and tolerate abuse, of Mrs.Tymoshenko, in corrupt custody.

    Meanwhile, the US and EU have neglected carbon capture, to use CO2, to grow algae and distill methanol, at the site, of any furnace, while the US exports the drug war, featuring hemp, as a Schedule I controlled substance, while crack, smack, speed, and Zimmy’s Adderall are on Schedule II, since the deuces can’t be used, to make thousands of products, which threaten fossil fuel media, timber, et al cartel profiteering.

    Even so, petro-exporters, like Canada and UK have legal industrial hemp.

    The US has Obama, who was Choom Club boss, in his stony days, as HS hoop player, and who smoked crack, when he lived in Greenwich, to then go for long walks, ‘fasting.’ Hey, on BREAKING BAD and CHAPPELLE’S SHOW it’s called tweaking or Mr.Crackhead President.

    Sorry about Obama’s gridlock, with the pubs, over cruddy Obamacare, but all this waste has to go. But will Obama or another Democrat or Republican be able to deal, with corruption, like the Chinese are doing it?

    I DON’T THINK SO. This leaves a media deficit, including a power vacuum, relative to NATO and the EU, where the US, UK, and other NATO toads have no constitutional media, to recommend, to anyone, in the wake of the US letting GW Bush make sure the 911 attacks happened, in the first place, by stifling the FBI and CIA and all intel, so GW took the August 6, 2001 CIA memo and ran off, to tell Jeb just how nice that Condi is, until the insider traders could deploy and the attacks could go down, without a hitch.

    THEN GW and crew lied, about WMDs, since Saddam was a material witness, to what happens, to turned CIA assets AND Iraq was then poised, to have its oil privatized, to incite a profitable civil war, leaving Obama, to inherit bin Laden and Libya, but stall out, at Syria AND NOW UNRAINE AND CRIMEA.

    Sorry about that now-jeopardized pipeline, from Russia, but Robin Williams’ Snickers commercial had this nailed, months ago.


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