Dr. Sanjay Gupta “doubles down” on medical marijuana

Re HEMP, 3/21/14:
The reason hemp is a Schedule I CS, for the DEA to poop on is it is a renewable resource, which is CO2-neutral, in combustible applications.

Henry Ford and Rudolf Diesel advocated hemp, as the plant source, for ethanol fuel, for which Diesel designed his engines. Ford was using hemp plastic, as early as 1914, in the Model T, and check YouTube, for a 1941 hemp plastic auto-body, which is seen, being sledged. Can’t do that, to a Corvette, can you!

10,000 market-leading products AND BUDS can’t be wrong, but soft. FDR decried the corporate money, in US politics, in 1936, right as Pop Sci published a story, about a hemp corticator, which would make hemp the great, renewable resource media, sought by the entire world.

But Hearst and his timber and Standard and their oil and Andrew Mellon and his coal and his brother-in-law HARRY ANSLINGER and all their dirty money would not be denied, so the Democratic Congress of 1937-1938 passed the Hemp Stamp Tax Act of 1938, in 15 minutes, to be instantly signed, by drunk, corrupt FDR, who then moved the Pacific Fleet, from San Diego, scuttled Pearl Harbor’s alert capacity and strangled all intel, and then he embargoed Japan and froze asssets, to bait the IJN, to attack Pearl, which happened, and then FDR signed G.O. 9066, to inter Japanese Americans and TAKE THEIR PROPERTY.

So don’t get me going, about LBJ, Nixon, Bushes, Clinton, or that Obamney clown, thank you.

But do see BLACK SAILS and get a clue. That guy, Captain Chuckie is a take-off, on former VP Richard Cheney, no doubt.

Anderson Cooper 360

Since Dr. Sanjay Gupta first announced his support for medical marijuana last summer, several states legalized it and opened dispensaries. Colorado and Washington even passed laws decriminalizing recreational pot use. But still, many families are trapped in the middle of the medical marijuana debate. Dr. Gupta talks to Anderson about his latest documentary ‘Weed 2: Cannabis Madness.’

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