Two years after Trayvon Martin killing, human rights lawyer says America ‘burdened with a legacy of slavery’

In REPLY, to Creep Doggy Log’s ramble, about Zimmerman’s murder, of unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin, 3/21/14:
No wonder there’s a thing, called ‘knockout game.’ I read your rambling paragraphs, and it’s obvious your first two set up the nonsense, about an ‘assault’ and your ridiculous hyperbolae, toward blame, when MARTIN WAS KILLED BECAUSE HE WAS A MATERIAL WITNESS, TO A GUN CRIME, which Zimmerman intended to commit, when Zimmerman was not supposed to make contact.

But Zimmerman had an agenda. He knew SPD was en route. Dispatch told him, “We don’t need you to do that.”

Martin had an agenda. He knew he was being followed, as it turned out, by a stalker, with a handgun, who intended to use that handgun. Naturally, in your right-wing-nutjob ramble, you migrate, to ranting, about “assailant . . . assault . . . avoided . . . ” after dropping names and rambling.

You seem to think Martin should invite pistol-packing, ADHD-affected Zimmy, back to meet Tracy, Dog-Log, and never mind Zimmy was probably tweaking, on his Adderal and Temazepam and who knows what other drugs, and how about his habit, of drawing down, on women and kids?

You just proved, redundantly that right-wing-nutjobs can’t think very well, and your proliferation is probably the reason most Americans shouldn’t do jury duty, but rather, you all nutjobs should take chill pills and meditate.


By Mick Krever, CNN

Two years ago Wednesday, a black teenager named Trayvon Martin became the latest face of what many called racial injustice in America.

Martin was unarmed, except with a hoodie, when he was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida.

The assailant, George Zimmerman, a white Hispanic, claimed self-defense. A jury agreed, pronouncing him not guilty.

Of course Trayvon’s case was hardly the first or the last such tragedy.

Just two weeks ago, again in Florida, a similar situation: a white man escaped the most serious charge of first degree murder after he shot and killed a black teenager in a dispute over loud music, of all things. Michael Dunn was convicted on three charges of attempted second-degree murder for shooting into the SUV holding the victim and other black teenagers.

The cases “reflect a continuing disregard for valuing people of color in the…

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