Magic DICK CHENEY perped and just walked away, from the crime scene, but not totally unnoticed:

Doink . . .

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Damn!  That former Halliburton CEO and US Vice President Dick Cheney guy is magic, izznt he?

For sympathy crime, we have that Oregonian kidnapper, RICARDO CHANEY, who ran down here, to Cali, shot a deputy and then killed himself:

[QUOTE]CLEONE, Calif. (AP) — [B]Police are trying to determine the motive of an Oregon man who went on a violent crime spree that included a carjacking and the death of a Northern California sheriff’s deputy.[/B]

Authorities say Mendocino County sheriff’s Deputy Ricky Del Fiorentino died on Wednesday when the suspect, Ricardo Chaney, shot up the deputy’s vehicle.

Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman says Cheney (sic) opened fire on Del Fiorentino with an AK-47.

Chaney was later shot and killed while exchanging gunfire with another police officer.

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports two people who were carjacked in Eugene, Ore., have not yet been found.

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