NO, the Dummycrats will NOT force the GOP, into oblivion:

Wharf Rat » 23 Mar 2014 11:43 am wrote:
The GOP will fizzle out within a decade…. they will do it to themselves as they are doing now with people like Suzanne Atanus and others who keep sprouting up.

Marriage equality is going to cause massive increases in Tornado outbreaks but these events will only ravage and kill GLBT communities.

Congrats to the White Power, Slackjaw GOP for marching yourselves into extinction. :clap:


The GOP would have pooped, after Ike, but JFK was bonking Marilyn, et al, and when he said he’d bring home the US advisers, from Viet Nam and make peace, with Nikitia, he then went on an ill-advised convertible Lincoln ride, through Dealy Plaza, heard Oswald’s first shot deflect, from an overhead roadsign, and then the Lincoln sped off, with JFK pretending Marines can’t shoot straight, including, by failure, to get down, with Jackie, while under fire.

But then, LBJ’s Navy heated up the Viet Nam War, and LBJ set the CIA on domestic surveillance, to go with the NSA, so Snowden’s gripes are just the tip, of an old, filthy, gigantic iceberg, in our lanes.

The GOP should have pooped, after Nixon bugged the Democrats, to make a point, about LBJ, but Dick had to get pardoned.

But as we all know, Grinning Jimmy continued to support Israel, and his derps made trouble, for hero attorney Ralph Nader, whom Jimmy let into the Carter Administration, somehow.

What about Dukakis’ kiting, of the Massachusetts state budget makes YOU think party-of-slavery Democrats are in any hurry, to get elected AND perform, so the GOP finally folds up?

What about Fire Marshall Bill makes YOU think Bill Clinton supporting the Bulldozer and calling Harry Reid, while in flagrante delicto, with Monica then makes YOU think Derpcrats are going to top the GOP, into oblivion, instead of let GW off the hook, for making sure 9/11 happened, and THEN he lied, about WMDs, and THEN Barack H. Bush droned, set the NSA on us, and pushed crappy Obamneycare?

What, about former Goldwater Girl HILDOG makes YOU think the GOP can’t bust into the WH or Senate or BOTH, eventually?


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