Right-wing-nutjobs are zombie-walking, around George Zimmerman’s active crime scene:

DERP!, re Trayvon Martin’s gf, to whom he was speaking, via cell-phone, when George Zimmerman shot him, dead:

“She’s stupid.”

ME:  No wonder somebody’s nerves are at issue, since that’s an active crime scene, evading review, over there, in Florida:

Rachel Jeantel, on the stand, in Florida:

“Maybe if he decided to assault George Zimmerman, he didn’t want you to know about it.”

“That’s real retarded, sir. That’s real retarded, sir,” she replied, repeating herself for emphasis. “You don’t know the person. You do not know him.”

With the most credible, possible material witness murdered, and with the investigation deliberately bungled, Zimmerman didn’t get charged and convicted, for murder one, which was the crime, since he intended to commit a gun crime, and then he needed to bust a cap right into material witness Trayvon Martin, for not leading a tweaking (Adderall, Temazepam) racist, back to see Tracy and his gf.

And then Zimmy could fabricate uniformly deep, linear scratches and two perfectly centered contrusions, one in front, one in back of his guilty head, SPD could blow off witnesses, and only Chief Lee would get fired.

Zimmy keeps drawing down, on women, now that he shot a kid, so whoop

DERP!:  “Dead issue, like it or not. The prosecution and  judge blew it. Didn’t do enough homework. The remaining issue ‘The right to defend’ “

ME:  What ‘defend,’ per SYG?  When the SPD blew off Mary Cutcher, who came forward, that tainted the investigation, fatally. 

When stories changed, it became apparent that Zimmerman intended, to commit a gun crime, and he had to kill, rather than disable the closest material witness, and then he fabricated his injuries.

And then there came The Knockout Game.

And then Richie got in trouble, beat on his car, and got into treatment.  He might become a Raider.

And then Jonathon Martin became a 49er.

The only dead issues are in the heads, of rwnj-spammers.  That crime scene is still alive, or if you prefer, it is undead.

Hey, if you think an active crime scene issue is dead, maybe you need to see WW Z, one more time.  Don’t turn off your TV, when TRUE BLOOD comes back on HBO.

DERP!:  “Yes Bob, in FL and a few other states, SYG=defend yourself without having to turn and try to run. It’s their law, not mine. O, the basketball legend and WH whiz kid, blew it by deciding Z was guilty as Trayvon could not be guilty, all before investigation Notice he doesn’t mention it any more.”

ME:  You mean Barack H. Bush, who is busy, with his droning might somehow relate, to this charade. 

Why is Bush the third an issue, here?  OK, maybe he is, by virtue of tagging along, with his big brothers and his real daddy.

The investigation was corrupt, the SPD was corrupt, Florida is corrupt, and Bush the 1st was corrupt. 

Bush the 2nd was corrupt.  In fact, he stopped any 2000-ongoing FBI investigations, from catching the terrorists, and then he forbade the CIA, from contacting the FBI, and then he ignored loads of international warnings, and then he took the August 6, 2001 CIA memo, and he ran off, to wind up, with his brother, Gov.Jeb Bush, during the longest vacation, in US presidential history, since Florida was corrupt, then, and it’s corrupt, now.

Then GW did sister-Condi, and he didn’t get impeached, for that or for lying, about WMDs.

All that corruption means courts and officers all cheat discovery, and you get to watch out, in traffic.  But if you’re a shut-in, try to get out, for some coffee.  Later.

DERP!:  “Bob, You are a complete psychotic-schizoid human, Irrational, warped. I feel that you feel you are from planet Xenon, etc. Maybe created after Big Bang and are probably eons of light years away. You probably wouldn’t understand what I’m talking about. I really do feel sorry for you. If earthbound you may be from state be from Colorado where a lot of Wackos live. Genetic abnormalities
. Now, go back and discuss this . . .”

ME:  Sure, dude.  I just got my Starbucks card working, and now I see everything, more clearly.  But not because you are a sorry, shut-in, dented can neo, which rambles.

Meanwhile, the Zimmy murder investigation was fatally shot, several times, including when Zimmy wasn’t investigated, for abusing Adderall and Temazepam, both abusable DEA Schedule II CS, with whatever else that shooter might have popped or punched, whereas Zimmy had several prescribed, including for ADHD. 

Also, when SPD dispatch told Zimmy, with ADHD, “We don’t need you to do that,” SPD didn’t have him on a leash, but rather, SPD was letting this dude pack.

I guess you ramble, due to severe ADHD, at least, (Derp!).  Maybe you need to throw that tea, overboard, already, and try Peet’s.

How about that guy, Oscar?  He and his live-in gf Reeva argued, and then he got out his pop-gun and fired, four times.  The second shot missed, so we may presume he figured that out:


When you intend, to commit a gun crime, the material witness might tend to die.  Just saying. 

Of course, when your fellow ADHD is a right-wing-nutjob, from Florida, (Derp!), all the other right-wing-nutjobs in creation end up, on the internet and at other crime scenes, from the churned media.

Enjoy the incited KO game, but you are probably half-asleep, already.

What could be worse?  FDR sold out a Hemp Stamp Tax Act, of 1938, to a Hearst consortium, when in 1936, Pop Sci zine showed a hemp corticator, which would avoid ‘vetting’ hemp, to process many thousands, of market-leading products.

This crime scene snaked, from the mysterious, 1917 disappearance, of Rudolf Diesel, off a ship at sea, through Henry Ford’s missing, indestructible hemp plastic, through missing hemp ethanol and methanol, while petro-wars were waged, through the kidnapping, of Patty Hearst, about the same time the HSTA was declared unconstitutional, whereupon Nixon founded the DEA, through today’s private prisons and corrupt courts and halls of bureaucratic and corporate cross-contamination, all the way, to Florida, where shooting victim Martin was tested, for pot, but Zimmy and his ADHD got to all the Adderall the could pop, with that one, fatal shot.

Hey, when all the bureaucrats are corrupt, in all directions, that crime scene is still happening, since whenever, to wherever and whenever, and if scrip-stoned neos fall down, space out, and re-name Earth, as the newly-discovered planet Moron, hey now, don’t forget to name yourself Mongo and knock yourself out.

DERP!, re Robert Zimmerman’s attempts, at media rehab, for George Zimmerman: 

“Austin is right. She has no business. It just makes me mad when a busybody like  Abcrican sticks her nose into something she knows nothing about”

From the July 14, 2013 Robin LA Times column:

“Trayvon Martin WAS armed,” Zimmerman told NPR. “He used the sidewalk against my brother’s head. He had whatever anger he brought with him when he confronted George and broke his nose. …He had something within him that he wouldn’t let up, his relentless attack despite George screaming for help. So he was not unarmed, and I really take exception to that notion.”


I guess that kid was so good, at sidewalk bashing, he MMA’d Zimmy’s head, so scratches on the back were linear and uniformly deep, while the contusions were right in the center, of Zimmy’s face and on the back, of his head.

And Zimmy’s jacket didn’t have much damage, did it.

I wonder how that could have happened, so perfectly, but then, the lead investigator did mention fabrication, before wussing out, to recommend murder 2 charges, when Zimmy intended, to commit a gun crime and then snuff the victim, so no material witness need testify.

Same-same, for Saddam, a turned CIA asset, who was spared, by Bush I, and then Bush I got off the road, to Basra, to get on NPR, to incite rebellion, in Iraq, so the occupying coalition troops could then watch the Republican Guard snuff Shiites, Kurds, Madans, and the lot, without any orders, from fearless George, the first.

But George the second sure did get after Saddam, didn’t he, via lying, about WMDs, so the US could privatize Iraq’s oil and incite a lasting insurgency. 

And now, George the third (Obama) isn’t getting after the other Georges, at all, so Zimmy and the first two get to walk away.

In other news, Josh Hamilton seems to know who the devil is, and he signed, with the Angels.

The absolutely fabulous Prince William has sired a son, christend GEORGE, and William cleverly remarked:  “He’s a bit of a rascal.”

No shizzle.


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