Clint Eastwood is one funny, old dude (re 2012 pub convention sketch, of invisible Obamney):

AND it turns out, the week before Clint got all his invisible Obamney sketching done, Ralph Nader endorsed Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson, of the Justice Party, for President. 

Rocky is a former mayor, of Salt Lake City, a former Democrat, and he is a noted civil rights attorney. 

So Clint was evocative, via THE INVISIBLE MAN, by African-American author, Ralph Ellison. 

It also turns out, neither GW Bush nor Barack H. Bush attended the pub convention. Just saying. 

CLINT EASTWOOD IS A FUNNY, OLD DUDE. And during the Derpocrats Convention, Snoop changed his moniker, to ‘Lion,’ and he released a load of 4-letter-n-word rant, listing why vote for Obamney, instead of Romney. 

Snoop Doggy-Cat is one funny, middle-aged dude! Excuse me, but ‘niga,’ please. 

From September 5, 2012: 

Clint didn’t forget ANYTHING. Catch up, please. He knew Mitt Romney went to Harvard LS, 20 years, before President Obamney did. He KNEW. So when he said lawyers shouldn’t be President, he was totally jerking everybodys’ chain. 

Psst! Does anyone actually LISTEN, to a load of bottom-bumping, trolling pubs, besides me and Clint and God? 

FYI, going around for pubs is the hyper-aggressive logical fallacy argument list, which includes ignoring issues, ad hominem, loaded language, and ah, yes, the STRAW MAN argument. 

People like Bill Maher and Jason Alexander are going, duh, whut, Clint? What’s their sorry excuse, for not getting Clint? Does it take Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, to smarten up Mr.Alexander, whose character, George Costanza suggests what if GW Bush took a walk, in Central Park, like a lot of Presidents should have, to give D.C. and the nation a BREAK? 

Clint tagged many, MANY Republicans, with his goof-job. 

Better would be he puts up a piano and a couple of other chairs, for invisible first daughters, then brings out a leash, with a dog-collar, for invisible Miss Lewinsky, and then he feeds her and does the wild thing, to invisible Monica, like he’s Cap’n Billy, back in the day. 

Then he makes dawg-tacos out of invisible Monica and feeds them, to the invisible 1st daughters, to the delight, of invisible straw-bama, who eats any pooch the pubs defile, as part of his sold-out performance, in the White House. 

And THEN, Clint (82) needs to get on the piano, for some timely Borge-breaks, before invisible Michelle figures out how the underlying game has been going. Watch out, doggies. Who is worse, at dogging, pubs or D-rats? 

What’s wrong with the EXXONOMY is crime pays. D-rats sold drug and alcohol laws, to deflect how they were really putting a lot of cars on the road, to run on GASOLINE. 

Alternative fuels need not apply, particularly as a hemp processor was developed, in the 1930s, so PopSci published a story, claiming hemp would become the number one cash crop, in the US, but not after FDR and Congress passed and signed the Hemp Stamp Tax Act of 1938, in 15 minutes. 

It seems W.R.Hearst and Andrew Mellon were connected, to timber and fossil fuel and prison interests, so they were able to campaign, for reefer madness, which stifled biofuels, all these years, with 25,000 other hemp products. 

Now we should have pongamia trees, algae, switchgrass, and hemp, for balanced biomass, to yield food, fuels, plastic, building materials, paper, rope, and whatever timber and petroleum make, in a CO2-neutral format, to exploit cyclic CO2, rather than sequestered CO2. 

What is wrong with Bush is he knew the 911 attack was coming, so he memo’d the FBI and CIA to stand down, at sharing intel, August 2001. This caused 3400 dead, on 9/11/01.But only ONE war wasn’t enough. 

So GW ignored the CIA, UN, Joe Wilson, and whomever, to enlist a lying Iraqi informant, per Op.Curveball, so GW, Cheney, Bolton, and whoever LIED, in all directions, claiming Saddam had WMDs and yellowcake, to get a 2nd war. 

GW knew Saddam didn’t have any WMDs, but the US invaded Iraq, disbanded Iraqi armed forces, while failing to secure ordinance, and then the US privatized Iraq’s oil. Got an insurgency?I reckon so! 

Lots of boom-boom went off, too. And then when Joe Wilson criticized the Bush Administration, not enough, too, all Cheney’s rats got together, and Dick Armitage approached Robert Novak, about how Valerie Wilson worked, for the CIA. Karl Rove confirmed to Novak, how Mrs.Wilson worked, for the CIA. Scooter Libby lied, to investigators, so he got busted and sentenced, but GW commuted his time, not the fine. 

Tell you what. Along comes President Obamney, who copied pub ops, so GW and Cheney and Rove are all walking. But torture is still happening, with the Afghan War and a lot of drone strikes, more than 2x the rate, of GW Bush’s droning. 

Whistleblowers sure are catching heck. Pot clubs are getting busted, more than 2x the rate, of the GW Admin. 

I don’t have a dog, in the race. If I had one, the pubs would defile the pooch, and the Obamnist D-rats would EAT the pooch, without even going, to Indonesia, first. 

Which brings us to what Clint shoulda done. He needed a couple extra chairs, a leash, with an empty collar, and a piano. That’d show the pubs how to play, with invisible dogs and stuff.


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