Heartland Corporation scams IPCC, with bogus NIPCC, on April Tool’s Day:


Let’s read this nonsense, and it turns out, THE HEARTLAND CORPORATION is behind it, so it’s total crap. 

Exxon and the Koch Brothers used to give Heartland lots of money, but no more, since Heartland has torn their cred, to shreds. 

Warming is getting stored, in, the oceans, which are more than 90%, of climatic mass, on Earth, formerly frozen methane clathrates have melted and evaporated, and volcanic events are on the upswing.  CO2 and other greenhouse gasses, including non-degradable, industrial GHGs are rising, in atmospheric concentration, faster, than ever before, SO, as the oceans warm and acidify, we are in the early stages, of MASS EXTINCTION EVENT 6, which will endanger humans, more than it is currently able to do, but wait until volcanic events get bigger and more numerous! 

That’ll get’r’done, humanoids, born to Mr.Greedy and Ms.DD, beholden, to Heartland, et al.

If you are having trouble, with issues, just watch upcoming GAME OF THRONES, on HBO, including the Season 4 premier, this week.  It’s based on A SONG OF FIRE AND ICE, by George R.R. Martin, and guess what happens, to the ice, after a bit more burning?

SF Gate is total crap, for posting this Heartland spam, when the Kochs and Exxon and other former Heartland donors are running, like rats.  What is this, more BANG (Bay Area News Group) propaganda, for the buck? 

THIS IS NOT A ‘REPORT.’  This is neo-con spam!


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One Response to “Heartland Corporation scams IPCC, with bogus NIPCC, on April Tool’s Day:”

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