The second-stupidest neo-con, on the internet has doubts, about AGW and ACC, for his ADHD:

Day after April Tool’s Day:

You are “still confused” because you are an idiotic, neo-con, goddamned idiot, who can’t type criteria, run a search, and READ:
jimderp, on 02 Apr 2014 – 07:48 AM, said:
I’m still confused, that being, what caused the many ice ages that came ( some with 3 K high ice sheets ), & what caused them to melt long before evil Capitalists were feckin up the environment? Until the Democrat party was formed, it appears, Earth’s climate was the result of natural cycles.

The Earth and its media and the Sun and its media interact.
Milankovitch cycles regulate the regular glaciation and melting periods, which are particularly regular, about 100,000 years long, in the last 2.58 million years, of the Quaternary Ice Age, which is still going on.
After about 80K years, of glacial proliferation, Earth’s orbit changes, the precission changes, and seasons change, so perennial ice melts, releasing CO2 and CH4, which are potent GREENHOUSE GASSES, and these cause a fast warming, in 5000 years or less, so CO2, the leading forcer, goes from 180 ppm, to 280 ppm.
But humans have released CO2, CH4, NO2, SO2, and loads of non-degradable, industrial GHGs, while destroying foliage and polluting, so areas cannot re-forest, so the greenhouse effect is amplified, by human interference.
We are merely at the end, of the Holocene Epoch and the accompanying interglacial period, which will NOT end, in re-glaciation, so anthropologists are re-naming the Holocene, as the ANTHROCENE EPOCH.  
And so, we have AGW and ACC, instead of new glaciers, while people, INCLUDING YOU work out their ADHD.

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5 Responses to “The second-stupidest neo-con, on the internet has doubts, about AGW and ACC, for his ADHD:”

  1. bobgnote Says:


    We are in the Quaternary Ice Age, for the last 2.58 m.y.

    The “Little Ice Age” was not an ice age. It happened, related to solar remission; see Maunder Minimum.

    Go ahead and turn your TV back on, since on HBO, Game of Thrones is starting Season 4, and you need something Emmy-award-winning, to help you get going, since Robin and tea aren’t getting you, to the party.

    Volcanic eruptions are on the upswing, since as perennial ice melts, methane is released, tipping a point, while easing pressure, on top of glacial magma, while sea level rise pressures undersea chambers and moves plates.

    Note how winters, in Game of Thrones last 5 years. IT’S A CLUE, like the show’s graphic, with bright light, behind a sword.

    Hey! Poot around, with warming and climate change, and pop go the volcanoes, and THEN we get big winters, but afterward, we get radical warming, from even more GHGs, which yield wildfires (another G.O.T. clue) and floods.

    After all, G.O.T. is based on George’s A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE.

    That ice melts, after awhile, check? Ask me, about zombies.,0,4792215.story#ixzz2xkn8bsUU

  2. bobgnote Says:

    In related news, GAME OF THRONES premiers Season 4, Sunday, April 6, 2014.

    Goats may bleat, and tennis players may swat, etc., but George R.R. Martin and crew will sketch as much as they can, including how volcanic winters are coming.

    Note how A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE suggests, hey! That ice may just melt, if you can’t play tennis or notice how Tommy Haas won, at Munchen, while on G.O.T., Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow did a munch, that same week, Spring 2013.

    Then LA area resident Tommy got injured, while Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow got porcupined, by his nasty, Sarah Ferguson-looking, wildling g.f.

    Kit Harrington also did POMPEI, so get a clue, about how volcanic events are on the upswing, including around the Pacific Rim, and do note how Long Valley will surely pop, which you all will notice, in good time.

    When the Hilina Slump drops, off the SE end, of Maui, and the LA Basin gets sloshed, by a tsunami, Game of Thrones will show you something, in an upcoming episode, IF George R.R. and crew are still shooting, when that is about to happen.

    Get ready for the FOOTBALL, if that dwarf Tyrion and his cousin Lancel Lannister go at it, since Tyrion, by Peter Dinklage looks like former Notre Dame and NFL QB Rick Mirer, while Lancel looks like a midget LB, Clay Matthews.

    Tyrion also looks like Tennis Channel commentor and US Davis Cup Captain Jim Courier, so go fish! He is hooked up, with actresses, who resemble former WTA number ones Jelena Jankovic (J.J.) and a young Maria Sharapova.

    Have sword, will swat, yo. Beware of ankle-biting neo-cons, on the court.,0,4792215.story#ixzz2xq23Lkmf

  3. bobgnote Says:

    And now, for a parody, of denier blab, which I read, every day:

    Blabbity-blab, “Al Gore,” no links, blab-out-the-backside, “Michael Mann,” blah-blah, “hockey stick,” woof, “grants,” no links, “money,” blabbity-blab-blah-blah!

    And then maybe the neos link, to Heartland sites, now divested, by Exxon and the Kochs, David and Charles, whom we’ve all heard of.

    But at no time, in their spam sessions will they get out the material facts.

    At all times, the neo-con deniers will access flat-earth-style denial.

    And then that Al Gore cracker will ask for money, while he and Barack H. Bush pump carbon credit trading, which with Obamneycare fluffs neo-con derps, who shouldn’t be in traffic, any more than the Chinese we get, straight from Hong Kong, who drive their crazy-mobiles, on the left side of the road and hit the accelerator, if they see anyone, in their path.

    At no time will either Al Gore or Choom Club boss Barack H. Bush advocate legal hemp, which is on DEA Schedule II CS, while Zimmy’s scrips and Obama’s crack are backed up, on Schedule II.

    Nixon’s still the ONE! How about FOUR MORE YEARS? Don’t forget to bug the pubs, Barry.

    Stupid is, as stupid does!

  4. bobgnote Says:

    RichTard is the stupidest neo, on the internet. The main competition, for second place is between jimsouth and THIS GUY:

    Slowmo, on 02 Apr 2014 – 07:50 AM, said:
    I’m pretty sure it was the dinosaur’s fault Jim. Lots of them got selfish and greedy and started eating the tastier plants and fellow dinosaurs high in fats and gas causing compounds. They farted their way into obscurity. p.s. Nice top of the page there guy.

    If you go any slower, the rest of special class will ramble right up your stupid butt!

    If that happens, you might prove you are stupider, than jimsouth. Why don’t you go for it, you goddamned dummy?

    RichTard has quite a lead, since he keeps spamming different numbers, for how long the Earth hasn’t warmed, to spite physics and common sense, in a way, which describes deep, neo-con-related dementia, of zombies, in need of a sudden meeting, with Woody Harrelson.

    Hey, if you come up with something THAT stupid, I’ll have to pay more attention, to you, you f-ing idiot

  5. bobgnote Says:

    [quote=”golfboy » 07 Apr 2014 9:35 am”][quote=”Wharf Rat » 07 Apr 2014 9:31 am”]Meanwhile record amounts of ice melts in the Arctic continues…. :lol:[/quote]
    No it doesn’t you moron. Why don’t you read something for a change, and educate yourself?[/quote]

    Help yourself, tardyboy:

    And as Summer 2014 arrives, that cap will disappear, some more, to place, among the 10 most minimal Arctic Summer recessions!

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