Obamneycare is doing what it is supposed to do: IT SUCKS!!!!!!



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One Response to “Obamneycare is doing what it is supposed to do: IT SUCKS!!!!!!”

  1. bobgnote Says:

    Both Democrats and Republicans blew off good suggestions, during the committee-formulation, of ACA proposals, including any, which I believe came, from Rep.Tim Griffin, R-Ark., for interstate comparative plan offers, which would have cut prices.

    In any event, Obamneycare is junk law, which Willard didn’t criticize, enough, since Willard Meat and the current pub leaders are just looking to sleaze around, on their donations, while the Democrats play 2nd-team Bushmen.

    Obamneycare does not regulate medical misconduct, sufficiently, when this is rampant. Doctors perform unneeded tests, order bogus hospital stays, prescribe contra-indicated medications, re-cycle patients, with induced side-effects, and profiteer, on this racketeering, ad infinitum.

    With this neglected, by Obama and his 2nd-team pub supporters, the party of slavery have invited the Tea Party, to roost, in the US House, but the Tea Party neo-cons are much too incompetent, to either take back the Senate and White House or propose decent legislation, but rather, all let GW Bush make sure the 9/11 attacks happened, in the first place, by stepping on the FBI and then stepping on the CIA and all foreign intel, to make sure the FBI investigations, of al Qaeda, bin Laden, and Saud didn’t get going, again.

    THEN GW and crew lied, about WMDs, and the 2003 Kerry subcommittee, featuring Feinie and Boxer let GW, Cheney, Rove, Rice, Powell and the lot LIE and LIE and LIE, to stay the course; see also, Lt.Sulu, under the influence, trying to pilot the USS Enterprise, through imaginary knives, in space.

    Neo-cons are so derp, they couldn’t beat Obama, in 2012, when Obama is trying to get them, to lead and win. But instead, Jindal said, “We have to stop being the stupid party,” and the pubs dummied up, and Clint sketched invisible Obama, when the week before Ralph Nader endorsed Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson, for President.

    African-American author Ralph Ellison issued THE INVISIBLE MAN, which Clint has read, but most neo-con pubs can’t read comic books. It turns out, neither Barack H. nor GW Bush were at the pub convention, in 2012.

    No wonder Josh Hamilton signed, with the Angels, eh?


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