SCOTUS sends dirty money, to the front of the line:,0,3228984.story#vcomment

Money, per se did not “win.” 

CORRUPT MONEY WON, during profiteering, while the 224+ -years ratified US Constitution should have been up-graded, by Lincoln or after repeal, of Prohibition, or at any time, but nooooooooo! 

Get a clue. Your cell phones and laptops won’t work, for Windows Server 2000, mmm-kay? 

We need a modern due process article, with an upgraded security clause, modern legal definitions, for all of rights, privileges, responsibilities, and duties, with establishment, of a Constitutional Oversight Agency. 

Keep the DHS, but abolish the contaminated FBI, CIA, and NSA, immediately. 

But on CNN, awhile ago, Jane Harman was calling, for abolition, of the NSA, which has been stealing, since 1948, so tool Andrea Mitchell cut in, with news, of the Bieber bust, for dragging, in Miami. 

It turns out Bieber’s GPS proved he wasn’t dragging. But Jane Harman might not get back, on TV, with about the only right on, with something left thing she’s ever had, to say, in public. 

The entire US Court and inferior administrations profiteer, off of cheating discovery and continuing. What should we expect, from corrupt activists, at the top, of the contaminated media food-chain, but dismantling, of protections, which are needed? 

Get a clue, from Disney’s JOHN CARTER. The Martian dog, Woola and Deja Thoris look like Sonia Sotomayor’s cousins, to make a point, about US review. 

It’s like a mission to Mars, with which not everyone gets to be involved, and not everyone should want to be involved, and so, WE SHOULD BE MORE DOWN, TO EARTH. That will take a new constitution, not written, for slavers, by slavers.,0,3228984.story#ixzz2xqLDUBoe


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  1. puppy from tumblr Says:

    Excellent! Never seen so nice article. Keep moving!

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