It’s Robin Abcarian’s fine LA Times column, again:,0,5693630.story#vcomment

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“Conservatives already have what they always wanted. They made abortion difficult or near impossible in many states. Health care is still out of reach for many in those same conservative states. Gun violence, out of control. Domestic violence is much higher in conservative states. Unfair wages rule. Why would any woman or man be unhappy? Could have something to do with inequality?”,0,5693630.story#ixzz2xwNL4Ed1

Democrats already have what they always wanted, which is conservaderpish invasions, to violate security, while imposing bondage.

BANG-BANG, on the door, baby! And then, Henry the Goat is at the door. Good thing Robin is Goat Girl.

But Democrats don’t study history, so their neo-con masters repeat this, for them:

FDR moved the Pacific Fleet, from Dago, to Pearl, embargoed and froze Japan, got with General Marshall, to suppress all intel and alert capacity, at Pearl, so the USS Ward shot a midget sub and radar contact resulted in no alert. Then FDR issued General Order 9066, to inter Japanese-American citizens and take their property.

FDR sold a pot ban, declared unconstitutional, whereupon Nixon founded the DEA.

JFK wanted to peace out, but he went for a ride, in a Lincoln convertible, and he was doinking Marilyn, but he neglected to hear that first shot and DUCK, down the road. Maybe he didn’t like Jackie’s lap, anymore.

LBJ’s Navy started the Viet Nam War, so Nixon wound up, as President, to bug the Democrats, since LBJ ordered the CIA, into domestic surveillance, and Truman signed the NSA and CIA, into dubious existence, in 1948, to precede Orwell’s book.

Bush the first stopped, on the road, to Basra, got on NPR, to incite rebellion, in Iraq, and he watched, on TV, while the Republican Guard whacked all the Shiiites, Kurds, Madans and whomever got whacked.

Obama moved, to Chiraq, which didn’t need him to be Darth Goat-boy, while Clinton actualized Fire Marshal Bill, by calling Harry Reid, on the Oval Office phone, while Monica plied her trade.

Bush suppressed all investigations, into bin Laden, to make sure 9/11 happened, and then he and crew lied, about WMDs. to get two wars.

The neo-con women all crowed, including Feinie and Boxer, on Kerry’s 2003 sub-committee, and the goats have been bleating, at Robin Abcarian and anyone else, attractive, to goats, ever since, while Will Farrell made up for not showing GW to be, what he really is and was, by doing ANCHORMAN, since all the media goat-herds just let the Democrats let the Republicans repeat what FDR and LBJ did.

The Democrats never learn, so they copy Republican bleats, while Robin tries, to hear, for all her herding. It is the way, of today’s con.

See also: Keanu Reeves. He was NEO-Keanu! Do ya think, neo-cons?

Those producing War-Bros. sure did.


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2 Responses to “It’s Robin Abcarian’s fine LA Times column, again:”

  1. bobgnote Says:

    Salon Magazine has a Google+ following, including for this recent John Mayer interview:

    “Taken objectively, the body of musical work produced during Gen Y’s formative years isn’t exactly an example of creative brilliance…” John Mayer, in Salon:

    That’s because there’s no club scene, and the NSA has no riffs, to steal, since D made it, with D, so now gen Y and Z are infested, with DDD.

    FYI, LBJ set the CIA and NSA on all of us, during Nam, so Ellsberg didn’t get it, and Snowden just shows the tip, of an ugly iceberg, which isn’t melting. AC-ZZ is dupe, and the Stones wanted $600 a pop, AND THEY ARE GETTING IT.

    Mick’s gf hung herself, maybe because like a future LA Times columnist told me, more than 40 years ago, Keith goes up to women, to ask if they want to be, with Mick Jagger, AND he is capable, of telling them, how the Stones run, on dupe, of overproduced surveillance, which takes all notes, even of unamplified instruments, right out of the air (microwave and MIDI), since the British ‘invasion,’ but look at Snowden run!

  2. bobgnote Says:,0,647285.story#vcomment

    Robin Abcarian
    December 2, 2013, 10:10 a.m.

    It may be a measure of how beloved a comedian Will Ferrell has become, or it may be a sign of the apocalypse, but when a North Dakota TV station gave over an entire evening news broadcast to a movie promotion stunt, no one seemed the least bit offended.

    On Saturday, Ferrell, in character as San Diego news anchor Ron Burgundy, complete with fake moustache and maroon suit, was allowed to co-anchor the 5 p.m. news with anchor Amber Schatz on the Bismarck station KXMB-TV. The stunt, a promotion for “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues,” delighted not just viewers in Bismarck but apparently much of the Internet. You can see it here.,0,647285.story#ixzz30lhZImY7


    In Will Farrell’s case, he is like all the other media hacks, who had anything at all, to do with GW Bush, but he didn’t bust the dude.

    So Will Farrell’s Ron Burgundy is like all of you selfish media darlings, yo. His Dodge commercial is all about you newsies and your awesome, driving hypocrisy: “Some people say GET OUT OF DODGE. I say, get into one!”

    What’d YOU do, interview Newt, before he lost weight, and after Mike Myers sketched him, as Fat Bastard, in the Austin Powers movies, so…


    After a check, I believe Julia Louis-Dreyfus IS ALL OVER YOU, Robin Abcarian, LIKE A CHEAP SUIT, in HBO’s Veep, and you what, can’t see Farrell’s Anchorman is at a local station and all over the media yard because you media gadflies are in a peculiar state, of psychotic denial, about all kinds of issues, particularly those, related to Will Farrell’s several characters, particularly newsies and GW Bush?

    Ron Burgundy is at any station because the producers there are SMART and reflective.

    They know their corporate media is based on stonewall denial and deflection.

    Go have a look, at Julia L-D, in HBO’s Veep, and see if you aren’t nailed, better than that vampire Mellencamp nailed Jack Kolk, since th 1970s.


    FYI, any several reasons could be found, for the evocative name, ‘Selina Meyer,’ including Julia L-D doesn’t have a big, old Serena cushion, so she got a first name, for her Veep character, which also suggests poisoning, of farmland, and a last name, which suggests Oscar-meat, when Emmy is more like it, but also that is what Goering offered Germans, to call him, in WW2, if the Allies bombed Berlin, which they did.

    WE know which LA Times columnist has a Serena cush, unless she had an op, since the 1970s. Veep is ON YOUR CASE.

    So, when are you going to bust GW, for us, FINALLY?,0,647285.story#ixzz30lg9Lwei

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