Another contender, for stupidest, spamming neo-con, on the internet DEMANDS ATTENTION:

Posted, by poo-tard-idiot-farter, on PH:

Green Guru James Lovelock on Climate Change: ?I don?t think anybody really knows what?s happening. They just guess? ? Lovelock Reverses Himself on Global Warming | Climate Depot

Climate Porn & Pre-Determined ?Science?: Round Up of New UN IPCC Report: Human Extinction? IPCC at ?beck and call? of Govts ? UN Officials Predicted Alarming Report Years Ago | Climate Depot

James Lovelock is a clowning, buggery Brit, who founded the ‘Gaia’ movement, which was junk-media, and then he outed himself, as a climate change denier, while distancing himself, from the Green Party, which he helped, to found.

 He gets attention, since he sucks, and so do hordes, of neo-con derp-fetishists and assorted fecophiles.

Climate Depot is a Heartland spam-site, for neo-con hordes to shop at, for mystery-meat, to scatter.

Nobody in the Heartland-affected spam arena can comprehend, how THERE’S A GREENHOUSE EFFECT, and humans issue loads of GHGs, not just CO2, AND humans trash foliage and pollute, to defeat CO2 degradation, OR that warming is sequestered, in all climate-interactive media, such as IN THE OCEANS, OR that PERENNIAL ICE AND METHANE CLATHRATES ARE MELTING AND EVAPORATING, which with sequestration cools surface readings, OR that WE SHOULD BE RE-GLACIATING, per Milankovitch and solar radiance, but WE WON’T BE RE-GLACIATING, AND HERE COME THE VOLCANOES!

Neo-con derps can’t watch Game Of Thrones and figure out, HERE COME THE VOLCANOES, WINTER WILL BE FIVE YEARS LONG, THEN SUMMER WILL BE LONGER, AND HERE COMES HIL-DOG, by 2016, since look how The Hound and Daenerys are circling, toward each other, in HBO’s hit.




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3 Responses to “Another contender, for stupidest, spamming neo-con, on the internet DEMANDS ATTENTION:”

  1. bobgnote Says:

    Say! Have today’s Neo+ spammers heard, of physics, mass, or oceans, where warming is sequestered, until there’s an El Nino, like in 1997-1998?

    There’s surface-temp-reading NO HOCKEY STICK because it’s a giant wood-saw, with big tines, at extreme events, like volcanic eruptions or El Nino, until the oceans warm, and THEN there’s an upturn, for troposphere and surface temp readings.

    THEN, not now. But NOW, we are in the midst, of Mass Extinction Event 6, wherein the oceans will clear out all desirable life, to leave jellies, algae, and bacteria in charge.

    The land animals are more endangered, than the stupid humans think they are.

    If you aren’t sure we’re in, for VOLCANOES, make light of the situation and Hildog’s ascendancy, by watching GAME OF THRONES, Season 4, on HBO.

  2. bobgnote Says:


    The stupidest idiots on the internet, for 2014 are decided, at the following forum threads:

    The winning losers are all Republitard neo-cons, including any idiots, in the pack.

    Obamanazi neos just didn’t make an effort, since many younger Obama supporters have been ditching him, since he sucks.

    Check out Grey Worm, on HBO’s Game of Thrones, Obamanazis.

    Barack sure won’t free slaves, like that guy, will he.

    Moochelle and Hildog are also sketched, so watch and learn, and take up tennis. It demands INTELLIGENCE, which some of you need, since you don’t win, at stupidity, like the Republitards do.

  3. bobgnote Says:

    tharock220 » 28 Apr 2014 6:08 pm wrote:
    Reasonable » 28 Apr 2014 6:02 pm wrote:Still no answers to my questions. Still nothing. nada. As I said, the answers are all over this thread and many others. You got nothing, but making a damn fool of yourselfEven some republicans…yes republicans are starting to break free from the death grip the deniers and the Koch Bros have on them and saying ” we can’t keep ignoring the evidence.”You can. That’s what idiots do.

    tharock220: The only answers you’ve given are:”You’re stupid””97% of scientists….”Your inability to understand the science is is understandable, your defense of the science you don’t understand is laughable, your inability to see how ridiculous you sound calling people stupid for doubting science you don’t understand is downright saddening.Where’s the model son???


    For the record, you ARE stupid.

    You came in 2nd, for the month of April, with others, following an idiot, who posted that the hurricane and tornado season wasn’t happening because of cooler temps.

    Then came the recent deadly tornadoes, up the alley.

    You are among the stupidest derps, on the internet, spamming away, proving your own redundant stupidity and group dementia.

    You hear birds chirping, at you, and they are reasonable, but they aren’t the guy, with a handle, posting text, here.

    Your delusions are gross and tiresome, and you probably have a diagnosis, waiting for you, if you haven’t gone out and gotten it, yet.

    Your personal stupidity is at its height, in this and the recent littleidiot12 thread, about warming, when you doubted oceanic sequestration, of warming because you didn’t hear about it or someone didn’t get a news article, to you, when you can’t type or run searches, and you hear voices.

    You are stupid AND insane. Just saying . . – See more at:

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