Barack Obama sure has a lot to offer, on the internet, including his own pages, on Google+, etc.

From the Barack Obama Google+ page:
OFA volunteers are fighting for opportunity for all, but the budget the House just passed is designed to give more tax cuts for those at the top, while putting more burdens on middle-class families.
Paul Ryan go boo-boo:
“The average middle-income family with children would face a $2,000 tax hike.”
Also, the pubs are hacking away, at voters’ rights, to keep the polls clear, for a Republitard charge, toward offices, which are up for grabs.
Gosh!  Do ya think those pubs wannabe the party of slavery, when that is traditionally the Democrats?
Now the Derpocrats are the 2nd-team Republitards!  The majors are in the closet, forever switching sneakers.
Change, already, major idiots.  You are pissing off me and Bobby Jindal, and you didn’t get Clint, the other smart pub.
Clint did his 2012 sketch, re African-American author Ralph Ellison’s INVISIBLE MAN, since the week before the pub convention, Ralph NADER endorsed Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson, of the Justice Party, for President.
Those Pauls aren’t so dumb, but otherwise, there’s Johnny, from Georgia, Tim Griffin, in Arkansas, and all the other pubs are merely cunning and corrupt or STUPIDER THAN DERPOCRATS. 
That takes some real stupidity, but the Tea Party was up to it, and now they can’t have the Senate or Hildog’s WH, not even in 2016, since Obama wanted and bought GRIDLOCK.
I guess when the Derpocrats let GW make sure 9/11 happened, IN THE FIRST PLACE, and then they let him LIE, about WMDs, to privatize Iraq’s oil, after GHW daddy incited rebellion and watched the pub Guard stomp all the Shiites, Madans, Kurds, et al, there might be an insurrection, over there, and Barack doesn’t have the brains, to do more, than drone and shove Obamneycare, but wait!
WHAT DID DERPOCRATS EXPECT, FROM LOSING THE HOUSE, OVER OBAMNEYCARE, which doesn’t offer interstate provider competition OR control, over medical or personal issues, such as routine abuse, of testing, hospitalization, or prescriptions, while letting the breeders breed, AND COSTS GET PASSED?
GET A CLUE!  The pubs are here because Barack H. Bush wants them in office, to do gridlock, so Derps complain.

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4 Responses to “Barack Obama sure has a lot to offer, on the internet, including his own pages, on Google+, etc.”

  1. bobgnote Says:

    Point of information: I have never and I will never register, as a Republican, and I haven’t been a Democrat, since I voted, for Carter, and he was too slow, to get down on Israel and Zionism, until the new millennium.

  2. bobgnote Says:

    Andre Washington
    Apr 11, 2014

    Only self serving greed ridden corporations,and the very ignorant are responsible for the way we are destroying Mother earth.We must stop polluting Mother earth, immediately


    Bob Gaebler
    9:22 AM

    +Andre Washington

    Shucks, all the gridlock party (Democrats inciting Republicans) has to do is get rid, of the Republicans, but if you let GW get away, with sedition and racketeering, and then you adopt NDAA, Patriot Act, and false process, for profiteering, and THEN you take two years, to shove Obamneycare, the Democrats lose the US House and generate GRIDLOCK, which lets the Republicans spam against notice, of AGW, ACC, and Mass Extinction Event 6!

    Thanks, Obama . . .see how vast you can delete THIS, Obamanazis, into gridlock games!

  3. bobgnote Says:

    Yawn . . . when Mr.Choom gets outed, by Biden or someone, to ADVOCATE pulling pot off DEA Schedule I CS, or to even change positions, with Zimmy’s scrips, Obama’s crack, Walter White’s crank, or Sammy Q’s smack, on DEA Schedule II, maybe I should let out a WHOOP . . .

  4. bobgnote Says:

    FDR decried corporate money, in politics, as of 1936, when Pop Sci published a report, about the HEMP CORTICATOR, which was poised, to make hemp the leading renewable resource, in the world, but FDR and the Democrats went, with Hearst, Mellon, and Mellon’s bro-in-law HARRY ANSLINGER, to pass the Hemp Stamp Tax Act of 1938, in 15 minutes, signed, by FDR, who then moved the Pacific Fleet, from San Diego, to Pearl Harbor, arranged, with General George C. Marshall (heard of the Plan?), to stop all intel and alerts, at Pearl, embargoed and froze Japan, into action, and then suppressed all Navy decodings and British warnings, of many; see DAY OF DECEIT, Robert Stinnett.

    Naturally, Adm.Kimmel and Gen.Short got court-martialed, and FDR signed G.O. 9066, to inter and rip off Japanese Americans.

    Hemp was un-banned, for WWII, but the US prevented industrial hemp from taking over, for fossil and wood media, by treaty and by all abuse of process, ever since, while Truman’s CIA and NSA made Orwell’s 1984, into reality.

    Henry Ford’s and Rudolf Diesel’s source of ethanol fuel and plastic and everyone’s food and building materials has been denied, ever since.

    Mr.Choom used to get his Hawaiian pals to inhale, for sure.

    Fossil fuels are wrecking the planet, and the KXL is helping that happen, in Canada, but it will get to us, while Obama vacillates, for profiteers.

    Mr.Choom just has Stevie, the Nixon-era punker over to the White House, for some more punky rip-sides, doesn’t he.

    Say! Can Obamanazis spell, ‘HYPOCRITE?’ Try!

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