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REPORT to King Co. WA Major Crimes Unit/MCU Oct.10,2017 reaching Las Vegas shooting incident, by Wells Fargo and VP Lani Dalrymple Wealth Mgt.:

October 10, 2017

REPORT to King Co., WA MAJOR CRIMES UNIT, MCU, 10/10/17, 3:10 pm:


I am Robert Gaebler, 65.

For factual media you need, anyway?

That is because so many out-of-order actions and frauds ensue. So maybe? EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG!

And neglect of the fatwa around me can get your citizens dead or injured, in large numbers.

Read and contact me, regarding Lani Dalrymple, at elder abuse and financial fraud, to co-incite ALL ISLAMIC STATE ATTACKS, since she arrived to close out conversion or the Robert S. Gaebler Special Needs Trust, now a public nuisance and a severally illegal, dangerous device, for your review.


Wells Fargo Wealth Management has colluded with my family and State of California and inferiors to injure me, by conversion of this trust, AND THEY HAVE EARNED CONSISTENT SHARIA JUDGMENTS BY ISLAMIC STATE.

I believe State can cause the end of NATO, but Wells Fargo?

YOU AND I NEED TO MAKE THEM COME TO AN END, since their deliberate engagement of illegal events in exchange with ISLAMIC STATE resulted in the recent LV shooting, where Stephen Paddock clearly indicates D61 Judge Stephen Manley of Santa Clara Co.Super.Ct. should be removed and prosecuted, with all his officers, and take the Co.Sheriff and all the local chiefs, with you!

Since they are causing Sharia nexus to RIPEN, and you doggies may have caught this very distemper, while molesting the CAL Bears last Saturday.

BUST LANI DALRYMPLE AND WELLS FARGO FOR ANYTHING, and get the lazy sleaze Sessions over here to nail Wells Fargo, for loading up I.S. and popping cells, for TWO YEARS!!


Your move, King doggies!