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STANK from STANFORD is getting us killed: Boxer, Feinstein, Eshoo, Lofgren, Harris!

November 6, 2017

Democracy Now~! has all this spam from libtards it likes to put on TV, so DN! NEVER TAKES OVER THE REPORTING GIGS IT COULD ACCESS, from Fake News, inc.

Whoop. The pubs don’t want to pay for the ACA, now that it’s been floundering, since 2008-9, right?

LSJU is why Lynyrd Skynyrd is so named, cunts and such, wandering around on Monday, being too hairy.

So then. Fucking STANFORD has to hog all my representatives, since whenever.

THIS means sedition is not only what’s for fucking dinner? Boxer, Feinie, Eshoo, and now Zoe Lofgren, so I’m the IT witness and Lofgren and Eshoo knew since whenever to suppress me from House O-sight and Intel subcommittee DDDs, since shit like Adam Shit from Burbank knows WB ate me.

So sedition is tied to your punk rock, which used to be MINE, since it’s made, like the Benson, Kottke, and the rest from MY PLAYING. RICO profiteering happened, aggravated to sedition, for DINNER, when I.S. starts popping little idiots at plagiarism concerts. It takes SEDITION.

We had THAT shit for lunch, when I was at CAL, and Nancy Skinner moved up from PV to start getting elected, AND SHE’S WHO KNEW JIM MESSINA IN HS SO HI HOW R U ABOUT FUCKING BOOMERANG?

POCO did this tune, off MY guitar, so many years ago? Nancy Skinner is now Alameda County’s state senator, a former Mayor of Berkeley.

Her B.F. Jack is who got into all these gals in the day, since he was a klepto-dealer in the chicken coop of our student co-op, like the corporations lurking all around, moving anything I played, to a fucking hit.

Then Kenny Loggins took off on my jam, to sell diamond-loads of FOOTLOOSE. Bitches.

So when you MORONS rant your crap, about ISLAM or 911? Shit.

Cunts I went to college with or proximate, like shitty Stanford did ME, then YOU!


DN! seems to be like the other fake news gits, sand-bagging the Mueller and Bob-facts, all night, with ISLAMIC STATE loading my tags into ALL ATTACKS, now, for at least the last two years AND TRIGGERING, with integrated Al Qaeda, Taliban, and national participations, INCLUDING TURKEY, you rambling lib-tards, doing your dos-y-dos with Trump and getting ready to be stepped on.