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You bastards! You killed my college roomies, you movie dewshes!

May 17, 2014

You killed my college roomies, you movie dewshes!!!!!

And what else? The flicks have been bumping my playlist, since the 1970s, without payment:

The STARSHIP TROOPERS movie series sketched my room 108 roomies, from 1974, Barrington Hall, at CAL, Berkeley, where Sam Quinones lived, for awhile, as a student, after I graduated, and I was mildly crashing, while trying to find musicians, for a band, with no success.

But the movies used a lot of the unamplified playing and all of the amplified playing, which I was foolish enough, to perform. The pigs have microwave surveillance, and the punk corporations have MIDI. That yielded groups, titled AC-ZZ, inclusive, all duping plagiarists.

So the movie makers knew a war was coming, it would be in Afghanistan and elsewhere, and egregious surveillance would issue, similar, to that, during the Viet Nam War, when we were at CAL.

ST I showed General Owen, a sole survivor, of an Arachnid over-run, at a Fed firebase, on Planet P.

That is how Professor Doug ‘The Bug’ Whitman used to look, when he was a doctoral candidate, at CAL, but now, he’s been touting wasp larvae, as a source of protein, in food, for humans, so General Owen rants, ‘We’re all going to die!,” whereupon Juan Rico and Ace Levy fatally shoot an attacking, green wasp, which barrels into General Owen, rolling him up.

Seen CAL football? “ROLL HIM UP!” is often heard, at Memorial Stadium.

At Facebook, I just friend-requested Keith Quattrocchi, who used to pile his socks, in the middle of the floor, as a frosh. ST II stars Richard Burgi, as Captain Dax, who looks like Keith looks, now.

Dax also dies, in the movie, but hey, he’s the hero, who dies, at the end, of ST II. My other dudes are sketched, as schmucky clowns, who are important, to development, toward the resolution, of the plot.

ST III is the funniest, of the series, and it features Skymarshall Omar Anoke, who looks and sounds, like Sam Jones, who went to Lowell HS, in SF, with Keith. Sam got into EST, last I saw him.

Skymarshall Anoke gradually reveals his allegiance, to a bad brain-bug, Be’emacoitl, which spears Omar and reanimates him, to say what the bug wants said.

Maybe the bug’s name is spelled, B.M.a’Coitell. Sam did say, “Cornhole,” a lot, like Beavis, going south.

Just saying, but you killed my college roomies, you movie douches!!!!!!!

They would do this because the surveillance biz was bugging us, big-time, during the Viet Nam War, and lo and behold, Edward Snowden’s revelations are just the tip, of a nasty iceberg.

The rock and other groups, titled AC-ZZ, inclusive, were duping every last note I played.

A young woman came up, to me and my g.f., before class, at Wheeler Hall, Fall 1973, to admit she’d shagged Mick, after Keith approached her and others, and she found out the Stones were duping me, since 1971, in fact.

Now she’s a wacky LA Times columnist, getting sketched, by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, in Veep, on HBO, since she’s flawlessly schmucky, per Julia’s SNL and Seinfeld-affected sketching, which is an SNL trend, with Julia L-D doing Elaine Quijano, a former Playmate, who was in the Clinton and Bush press corps, and Will Ferrell doing Ron Burgundy, in the ANCHORMAN movies, as if Tom Brokaw and Walter Chronkite could have a nut-job kid, in a test-tube.

Robin Abcarian now sports a similar hair-style, to the one shown, by fictional Veep, Selina Meyer. But the waffling, on issues, for the purpose, of gross, media pandering is comically similar, in both Robin and Selina Meyer, who each have a daughter, in college, presently.

The casting director, for Veep is Alison somebody, which figures, since Robin’s Barrington and junior year in France buddy was Alison ap Roberts, who also paid for journalism grad school, by wild, personal behavior.

Sharpie is on board, with a female commenter, Serlina Mc-somebody. I guess Robin may be most famous, for passing on the quip: “Once you go black, . . . “


To former LA Times reporter Sam Quinones, re TELL YOUR TRUE TALE (Cc: Democracy

April 1, 2014

4/1/14, and NOT an April Fool’s Day exhortation, to

Today’s coverage of the jail suicide, by soap-ingestion is a bit off the direction, which I would like you to take, toward getting viable constitutional rule and viable security and due process of law, by more material editorializing:

Former LA Times reporter Sam Quinones of

I left the following message, at 1970s CAL student and former Barrington Hall Students Co-op resident Peter Roscoe’s Google+ page, on Peter Roscoe changed his profile photo, October 2013, so I will quote myself and forward this, to Democracy NOW!:

Re Sammy Hagar, the Marin-resident red rocker and gross plagiarist:

“So, Pete. 

That guy Sammy, in your Google+ friends was putting up dupe, copied, note-for-note, from my unplugged, un-amped guitar, usually down in the Barrington dining room, since Montrose, like all kinds of other corporate vampires and the Stones, like all punk titles, AC-ZZ, starting 1971.

But when he got the red rocker and Halen trips, going, he really had dupe, to push, and he did it better, than Pete Townshend, who would throw down his gold-top, and the guitar sync would still be playing.

JUST SAYING.  Mr.Snowden is like Mr.Ellsberg, showing us the tip, of a nasty iceberg.

Watergate does not bother me.  But know this:  Nixon got on TV, in an out-take, right before his death, and he proclaimed I would not get past the dupists, to my surprise!  A similar out-take exists, where Frank Sinatra shuts Bono up, by mentioning my name.

In fact, I believe what happened, with Watergate was Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis went out, with Bernie Leadon, right as he was kicked out, of The Eagles, for Joe Walsh.  The Leadon Eagles were duping, for Linda Ronstadt and Waddy Wachtel, who took credit, for a number of over-productions, based on Barrington sessions, as was all important James Gang material.

But eventually, Nixon wanted out, after his re-election, since LBJ’s order, for domestic CIA surveillance grossed him out, given Nixon and Kissinger used the CIA, for stuff, like the Pinochet coups. 

So when Pat got lung cancer, Nixon allowed or caused his PATSIES, to use 1950s tech, on the Democrats, at The Watergate Hotel, when Nixon knew microwave and MIDI were getting used, on me, to dupe every last note I played, to make punk, funk, Kottke, Benson, and classic rock, so I can hear 1970s Barrington jams, every day, for hours, IF someone turns on the stupid radio.

Nixon got pardoned, but his patsies tended, to do lots of time.

You met former workshift manager Doug “The Bug” Whitman, when he was a CAL doctoral candidate, in entomology, at former workshift manager Bill Detmer’s wedding, one year.
Professor Doug Whitman of Illinois State U is on the www, advocating use of wasp larvae, for food, which humans will doubtless need, some year.

So in STARSHIP TROOPERS (1998), 1970s Doug-lookalike General Owen is the lone survivor, of a bug over-run, on Planet P.  This guy goes off, like Doug used to, kinda goofy, and the bugs attack.  Two main characters shoot a wasp, which rolls the general up, just like the CAL rooting section used to do, only more spectacularly.

You did not meet one of my other 108 dudes, Sam Jones, who is now a C.E., at a company, for which he is a hydraulic engineer, which might be a glorified plumber.

Sam got into EST, and the last time I saw him, at Cloyne, he locked his door, took off his pants, smooshed his enormous junk, against the glass door, and then he unlocked the door and snuck out the window, of his Cloyne single, to go streaking.

ST III sketched this goof, with Skymarshall Omar Anoke, same voice and 1970s appearance.  This guy also gets bug-whacked, when his brain bug boss, Be’emacoitl stabs his back and re-animates him, with a lot of other pinned up human prey, somehow preserved.

Usually sci-fi or fantasy movies sketch Obama (Darth Vader, Spock, Merricus, Crixus, et al), Pelosi (Leia Organa, Violet Mazurski), Boehner (Jabba the Hut), Kerry (Spartacus, John Cena), GW Bush (CM Punk, Anniken Skywalker, et al), Dick Cheney (Charles Vane, David Suchet’s terrorist leader, in EXECUTIVE DECISION), or somebody else way more famous.

But I guess when we were bugged, to crap, at Barrington, that turned up a lot more, than just lousy disco, didn’t it.

I won’t be going back to Berkeley, for tennis or hoop, I guess.  Under the fed pigs, among the street and BHS zombies and corporate vampires, there just isn’t enough sports, to make the long ride worth my time, anymore.”

It’s all true.

Snowden’s media just shows the tip, of a nasty iceberg, sinking the wobbling shipments, of security, yo.

When I moved, into Barrington, Fall 1971, I started playing guitar, downstairs, in the dining room, on a busted, old electric.  Other residents and I noticed, how what I played turned up, on the radio, within weeks.
By the time Robin Abcarian moved in, Fall 1973, I had one quarter to go, and loads of dupe was on the radio, including from The Who, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, etc.

I was repeatedly warned, how the Stones would get me.  Hey, I knew they were duping me, since GOAT’S HEAD SOUP and STICKY FINGERS.  Guess what sticky fingers do, besides spank?  THEY STEAL.

So, in Fall 1973, Robin Abcarian came up to me and Toni Ratner (“Toni Rat-face,” per Robin’s often hilarious put-downs, of her associates), and she said, before class, in Wheeler or somewhere, similar, how Keith Richard came up to her and other women, to ask her, if she wanted to be with Mick Jagger.

Of course, Robin used to be hella partier, and her Barrington bf Jack Anthony Kolk was a druggie, who moved into Barrington, hooked up, from Palos Verdes HS, with now- California Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley,

Robin bluntly said she found out the Stones were duping my playing.

Jack Kolk later told a table-load of us, in the Barrington dining room how his brother became a CIA contractor, so he told Jack, about his file, which included the CIA knew Jack was a dealer, in HS.

Of course, I knew, by 1971 SOMEBODY was able to take the exact notes I played, to overproduce and make hits, including with the same pick attack, key, chording, and lead, and they could break it all down and make separate parts, into allegedly LIVE recordings, at performances, including many, by plagiarists, titled AC-ZZ, inclusive.

This would require microwave and MIDI gear, with both government and corporate complicity, to use technology, which the US Armed Forces had, to bug the Ho Chi Minh Trail, since the late 1960s.

LBJ, of course sacked all of us, with the CIA, inciting Nixon to use 1950s tech, on the Watergate Hotel, when he decided to turn his mates, into PATSIES, and you know why, or you should ask, or that idiot, Ellsberg won’t, and he’ll get on TV and dodder and doodle around.

Excuuuuse ME, sonny!  But Edward Snowden IS NOT A TRAITOR, mmm-kay?


Go Amy, go Amy . . . (watch Democracy NOW!, with Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez, and lotsa fresh talent)

My goodness, but Voo Doo Lounge stank, and Mick’s live–in gf just hanged herself, while the Oldie Stones were out profiteering, from years, of plagiarism, while on their Greedy-Needy Tour.
Suction is, as suction does.  See TRUE BLOOD, this June.

Comment, at (Sam Quinones is a recently retired LA Times reporter, whom I knew, at CAL)

March 31, 2014

So, Sam!  The LA Times will be less interesting, but it still has 1973 Barrington Hall resident Robin Abcarian doing an editorial, every couple of days, so I have to check it out, I suppose.

Her columns aren’t just total smack, either, including one, about Mick Jagger’s gf committing suicide.

I don’t suppose you ever wrote, about Snowden’s revelations being just the tip, of a nasty iceberg, did you?

In Fall 1973, future LA Times columnist Robin came up to me and my gf, Toni Ratner, before class, at CAL, to share an interesting story, about how the Stones were duping my playing, similar, to Pete Roscoe’s 1989 story, at his Dad’s house, in San Anselmo, when he revealed he knew the Stones were duping my playing, since 1971, and his Mom’s BGP job, then ended may conflict, so he chickened out, on all bass-playing, with me.

That should have been exposed, by some reporter, since TV people came up, with a Nixon out-take, to a reporter and a Sinatra out-take, to Bono, wherein the famous persons mentioned my name, re ripps, by punk music, inc. right before the famous people died.

AC-ZZ duped every note I played, including from unplugged, at Barrington Hall.  That Snowden-Drake-Kiriaku problem won’t go away, will it, especially since Ellsberg has no clue, why Nixon bugged the Watergate.

It turns out, LBJ set the CIA, on all of us, and Robin’s Barrington bf, Jack Anthony Kolk found out, from his brother, how he had a CIA file.

Nixon maxed that out, on CAL, and every last note I played, on guitar was microwaved, MIDId, and over-produced, by turdburglar corporate vampires.

Nixon and Sinatra TV-out-takes exist, re this.  Did you know anything?