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You bastards! You killed my college roomies, you movie dewshes!

May 17, 2014

You killed my college roomies, you movie dewshes!!!!!

And what else? The flicks have been bumping my playlist, since the 1970s, without payment:

The STARSHIP TROOPERS movie series sketched my room 108 roomies, from 1974, Barrington Hall, at CAL, Berkeley, where Sam Quinones lived, for awhile, as a student, after I graduated, and I was mildly crashing, while trying to find musicians, for a band, with no success.

But the movies used a lot of the unamplified playing and all of the amplified playing, which I was foolish enough, to perform. The pigs have microwave surveillance, and the punk corporations have MIDI. That yielded groups, titled AC-ZZ, inclusive, all duping plagiarists.

So the movie makers knew a war was coming, it would be in Afghanistan and elsewhere, and egregious surveillance would issue, similar, to that, during the Viet Nam War, when we were at CAL.

ST I showed General Owen, a sole survivor, of an Arachnid over-run, at a Fed firebase, on Planet P.

That is how Professor Doug ‘The Bug’ Whitman used to look, when he was a doctoral candidate, at CAL, but now, he’s been touting wasp larvae, as a source of protein, in food, for humans, so General Owen rants, ‘We’re all going to die!,” whereupon Juan Rico and Ace Levy fatally shoot an attacking, green wasp, which barrels into General Owen, rolling him up.

Seen CAL football? “ROLL HIM UP!” is often heard, at Memorial Stadium.

At Facebook, I just friend-requested Keith Quattrocchi, who used to pile his socks, in the middle of the floor, as a frosh. ST II stars Richard Burgi, as Captain Dax, who looks like Keith looks, now.

Dax also dies, in the movie, but hey, he’s the hero, who dies, at the end, of ST II. My other dudes are sketched, as schmucky clowns, who are important, to development, toward the resolution, of the plot.

ST III is the funniest, of the series, and it features Skymarshall Omar Anoke, who looks and sounds, like Sam Jones, who went to Lowell HS, in SF, with Keith. Sam got into EST, last I saw him.

Skymarshall Anoke gradually reveals his allegiance, to a bad brain-bug, Be’emacoitl, which spears Omar and reanimates him, to say what the bug wants said.

Maybe the bug’s name is spelled, B.M.a’Coitell. Sam did say, “Cornhole,” a lot, like Beavis, going south.

Just saying, but you killed my college roomies, you movie douches!!!!!!!

They would do this because the surveillance biz was bugging us, big-time, during the Viet Nam War, and lo and behold, Edward Snowden’s revelations are just the tip, of a nasty iceberg.

The rock and other groups, titled AC-ZZ, inclusive, were duping every last note I played.

A young woman came up, to me and my g.f., before class, at Wheeler Hall, Fall 1973, to admit she’d shagged Mick, after Keith approached her and others, and she found out the Stones were duping me, since 1971, in fact.

Now she’s a wacky LA Times columnist, getting sketched, by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, in Veep, on HBO, since she’s flawlessly schmucky, per Julia’s SNL and Seinfeld-affected sketching, which is an SNL trend, with Julia L-D doing Elaine Quijano, a former Playmate, who was in the Clinton and Bush press corps, and Will Ferrell doing Ron Burgundy, in the ANCHORMAN movies, as if Tom Brokaw and Walter Chronkite could have a nut-job kid, in a test-tube.

Robin Abcarian now sports a similar hair-style, to the one shown, by fictional Veep, Selina Meyer. But the waffling, on issues, for the purpose, of gross, media pandering is comically similar, in both Robin and Selina Meyer, who each have a daughter, in college, presently.

The casting director, for Veep is Alison somebody, which figures, since Robin’s Barrington and junior year in France buddy was Alison ap Roberts, who also paid for journalism grad school, by wild, personal behavior.

Sharpie is on board, with a female commenter, Serlina Mc-somebody. I guess Robin may be most famous, for passing on the quip: “Once you go black, . . . “


Magic DICK CHENEY perped and just walked away, from the crime scene, but not totally unnoticed:

March 22, 2014

Damn!  That former Halliburton CEO and US Vice President Dick Cheney guy is magic, izznt he?

For sympathy crime, we have that Oregonian kidnapper, RICARDO CHANEY, who ran down here, to Cali, shot a deputy and then killed himself:

[QUOTE]CLEONE, Calif. (AP) — [B]Police are trying to determine the motive of an Oregon man who went on a violent crime spree that included a carjacking and the death of a Northern California sheriff’s deputy.[/B]

Authorities say Mendocino County sheriff’s Deputy Ricky Del Fiorentino died on Wednesday when the suspect, Ricardo Chaney, shot up the deputy’s vehicle.

Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman says Cheney (sic) opened fire on Del Fiorentino with an AK-47.

Chaney was later shot and killed while exchanging gunfire with another police officer.

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports two people who were carjacked in Eugene, Ore., have not yet been found.

A worker at the Confusion Hill tourist attraction on California’s Highway 101 says he exchanged gunfire with a man identified as Chaney after finding him urinating outside a bathroom.[/QUOTE]


The perp’s name was RICARDO CHANEY.  Shoot a lawyer and figure it out! 

This NorCal event was a sympathy crime, which had to happen, to someone, somewhere.

OK.  Maybe you’ve heard, of HERCULE POIROT.  Get a damn clue:

[QUOTE]After 25 years playing the Belgian detective, David Suchet is preparing to say goodbye to Hercule Poirot as the iconic character attempts to solve his final case on the small screen.

Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case will see the elderly detective call on old friend Captain Hastings (Hugh Fraser) for assistance as they return to the scene of their first case, Styles Court, to try to prevent another murder.

Times have changed irrevocably since Suchet first graced our television screens in the now world-famous role back in 1989. But the actor, 67, believes the public’s appetite for the gentle drama is as strong as it ever was.

“Crime drama… has changed completely… it’s become very dark and extraordinarily violent,” says Suchet.

“That’s not the world of Agatha Christie and the fact that he’s still so popular must say a lot about the public – that they actually don’t need the blood and gore and the sex and the drama.”[/QUOTE]

David Suchet nailed the part, of a terrorist leader, in EXECUTIVE DECISION (1996), to look and sound, like a Middle Eastern RICHARD CHENEY, alright?


Halle Berry was a stewardess, and Kurt Russell acted like a Bill Clintonish dork-hero.  Get a clue, or die and ask Dame Agatha, for directions, to hell, finally.

And next up is Zach McGowan, who plays pirate Captain Charles Vane, on Black Sails:

[QUOTE]  Q: Or did pirates of the era necessarily have British accents? That’s just the go to voice for period pieces.

ZM: Exactly. I think that’s where that whole “Arrrrrr” kind of thing comes from, the idea that they had their own bit of dialect and what not. The truth is there were Irish pirates and English pirates and Scottish pirates and Spanish pirates, pirates from the West Indies and Africa. They say a good deal of them historically were actually African or what not, so it was fortuitous. I’m just happy to be working on such a great show in an English accent. [/QUOTE]

[SIZE=6][B]GET A DAMN CLUE!!!!!!!!![/B][/SIZE]

Zach the actor also plays a vampire, on DRACULA UNTOLD.  But for playing a complete Dick, in total denial, while hacking everyone else up, and whacking John Ashcroft-evocative Calico Jack Rackham, played by Toby Schmitz, for BLACK SAILS finale, ‘VIII,’ Zach McGowan is remarkably gifted.

Just shoot me, dammit . . .

Or just shoot Jon Stewart, already:

[QUOTE]If only the traditional media said what every sane person in America is thinking. Honestly, how many times does Dick Cheney have to be wrong with deadly results until those in proper society call the guy out?

Now it is comical to hear Cheney talk about Obama not surrounding himself with anyone “who won’t argue with him”, since the Bush bubble was widely discussed during those years. How did Cheney and his crowd react to those critical of Cheney’s plans? Hmmm, I wonder.

Jon Stewart looks at some of the key failures of Dick Cheney. You will recall how forceful Cheney was about them and how hard he attacked anyone that dared suggest he was wrong. And yes, it was Cheney that did the marvelous job of “taking the US down a peg” or ten.

So how about these Cheney opinions?  – There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein has WMD?  – US troops will be greeted as liberators.  – Iraqi resistance is in the last throes of the insurgency.

Stewart then nails it when he says “this guy was wrong every time…you try that at work, see if you get to keep your job.” Exactly. But for Republicans, Cheney is a hero that they celebrate and even worship. Talk about setting the bar low, but that’s what the GOP has become. They celebrate failure.  And after listening to Marco Rubio rehash the non-existent Obama last night, they’re not getting any better. [/QUOTE]


What a complete DICK!

Sorry about your luck, Deputy Del Fiorentino, a former HS wrestling coach:

OF COURSE pirate Captain Chuckie Vane isn’t a villain, in his own mind.

Thanks for the clue and the great workout, in Men’s Health, Zach.

You neo-con shut-ins ought to work out, more, AND GET A CLUE, but don’t do it, by turning off your TV.