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You bastards! You killed my college roomies, you movie dewshes!

May 17, 2014

You killed my college roomies, you movie dewshes!!!!!

And what else? The flicks have been bumping my playlist, since the 1970s, without payment:

The STARSHIP TROOPERS movie series sketched my room 108 roomies, from 1974, Barrington Hall, at CAL, Berkeley, where Sam Quinones lived, for awhile, as a student, after I graduated, and I was mildly crashing, while trying to find musicians, for a band, with no success.

But the movies used a lot of the unamplified playing and all of the amplified playing, which I was foolish enough, to perform. The pigs have microwave surveillance, and the punk corporations have MIDI. That yielded groups, titled AC-ZZ, inclusive, all duping plagiarists.

So the movie makers knew a war was coming, it would be in Afghanistan and elsewhere, and egregious surveillance would issue, similar, to that, during the Viet Nam War, when we were at CAL.

ST I showed General Owen, a sole survivor, of an Arachnid over-run, at a Fed firebase, on Planet P.

That is how Professor Doug ‘The Bug’ Whitman used to look, when he was a doctoral candidate, at CAL, but now, he’s been touting wasp larvae, as a source of protein, in food, for humans, so General Owen rants, ‘We’re all going to die!,” whereupon Juan Rico and Ace Levy fatally shoot an attacking, green wasp, which barrels into General Owen, rolling him up.

Seen CAL football? “ROLL HIM UP!” is often heard, at Memorial Stadium.

At Facebook, I just friend-requested Keith Quattrocchi, who used to pile his socks, in the middle of the floor, as a frosh. ST II stars Richard Burgi, as Captain Dax, who looks like Keith looks, now.

Dax also dies, in the movie, but hey, he’s the hero, who dies, at the end, of ST II. My other dudes are sketched, as schmucky clowns, who are important, to development, toward the resolution, of the plot.

ST III is the funniest, of the series, and it features Skymarshall Omar Anoke, who looks and sounds, like Sam Jones, who went to Lowell HS, in SF, with Keith. Sam got into EST, last I saw him.

Skymarshall Anoke gradually reveals his allegiance, to a bad brain-bug, Be’emacoitl, which spears Omar and reanimates him, to say what the bug wants said.

Maybe the bug’s name is spelled, B.M.a’Coitell. Sam did say, “Cornhole,” a lot, like Beavis, going south.

Just saying, but you killed my college roomies, you movie douches!!!!!!!

They would do this because the surveillance biz was bugging us, big-time, during the Viet Nam War, and lo and behold, Edward Snowden’s revelations are just the tip, of a nasty iceberg.

The rock and other groups, titled AC-ZZ, inclusive, were duping every last note I played.

A young woman came up, to me and my g.f., before class, at Wheeler Hall, Fall 1973, to admit she’d shagged Mick, after Keith approached her and others, and she found out the Stones were duping me, since 1971, in fact.

Now she’s a wacky LA Times columnist, getting sketched, by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, in Veep, on HBO, since she’s flawlessly schmucky, per Julia’s SNL and Seinfeld-affected sketching, which is an SNL trend, with Julia L-D doing Elaine Quijano, a former Playmate, who was in the Clinton and Bush press corps, and Will Ferrell doing Ron Burgundy, in the ANCHORMAN movies, as if Tom Brokaw and Walter Chronkite could have a nut-job kid, in a test-tube.

Robin Abcarian now sports a similar hair-style, to the one shown, by fictional Veep, Selina Meyer. But the waffling, on issues, for the purpose, of gross, media pandering is comically similar, in both Robin and Selina Meyer, who each have a daughter, in college, presently.

The casting director, for Veep is Alison somebody, which figures, since Robin’s Barrington and junior year in France buddy was Alison ap Roberts, who also paid for journalism grad school, by wild, personal behavior.

Sharpie is on board, with a female commenter, Serlina Mc-somebody. I guess Robin may be most famous, for passing on the quip: “Once you go black, . . . “


Here’s 400,000 years, of atmospheric CO2 and global temperature extrapolation, plotted, by Brighton, UK:

April 5, 2014


Here’s a Brighton graph, of the last 400K years, plotting CO2 and temperature. 

Note the RED LINE, at the far right, of the graph. Even the densest neo-con should be able to do that, to see how the rise, in atmospheric CO2 concentration is THE FASTEST RISE, IN GEOLOGIC HISTORY. 

With the overall rise, in GHG concentrations, also the fastest, ever, the precursor for an eventual rise, in surface temps and mass extinction is clearly present. 

So when ocean temperatures rise, enough, surface temps will turn, upward. No other outcome is possible. 

Of course, getting neo-con zombies, to notice the oceans are climatic mass is problematic.,0,4792215.story#ixzz2y1m7ArjR

Here’s the skep-science discussion, of Marcott, et al, with an uploaded image, of the revised hockey stick projection: 

“Nevertheless, all signs indicate that the current rate of warming is very rapid, probably unprecedented in the past 11,000 years; that if we’re not at the highest temperatures during that timeframe, we will be soon; and that despite the contrarians’ best efforts to argue otherwise, we’re not yet doomed to catastrophic climate change.”


Marcott, et al, at includes Jeremy Shakun, who has a lot of vetted work, but this paper was withdrawn, by MIT, which previously published it: 

“Surface temperature reconstructions of the past 1500 years suggest that recent warming is unprecedented in that time. Here we provide a broader perspective by reconstructing regional 
and global temperature anomalies for the past 11,300 years from 73 globally distributed records. Early Holocene (10,000 to 5000 years ago) warmth is followed by ~0.7°C cooling through the middle to late Holocene (<5000 years ago), culminating in the coolest temperatures of the Holocene during the Little Ice Age, about 200 years ago. This cooling is largely associated with ~2°C change in the North Atlantic. Current global temperatures of the past decade have not yet exceeded peak interglacial values but are warmer than during ~75% of the Holocene temperature history. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change model projections for 2100 exceed the full distribution of Holocene temperature under all plausible greenhouse gas emission scenarios.” 

WHOOP. I don’t see climatic mass, analyzed, in the mini-publishing, which is critical, to projecting the curve of the stick, which is probably one reason MIT dumped the Utes, here.

Marcott: ” . . . we’re not yet doomed to catastrophic climate change.” 

Of course, there is also the Clathrate Gun Hypothesis, also called a theory, since it makes too much sense, and this has happened: 

Marcott is interesting, even with its gross omissions, but hey. The Niners drafted Kaepernick and traded Smith. Get a clue, and get ready, for the football.,0,4792215.story#ixzz2y1mpx4um

It’s Robin Abcarian’s fine LA Times column, again:

April 4, 2014,0,5693630.story#vcomment

runpacer Guest
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“Conservatives already have what they always wanted. They made abortion difficult or near impossible in many states. Health care is still out of reach for many in those same conservative states. Gun violence, out of control. Domestic violence is much higher in conservative states. Unfair wages rule. Why would any woman or man be unhappy? Could have something to do with inequality?”,0,5693630.story#ixzz2xwNL4Ed1

Democrats already have what they always wanted, which is conservaderpish invasions, to violate security, while imposing bondage.

BANG-BANG, on the door, baby! And then, Henry the Goat is at the door. Good thing Robin is Goat Girl.

But Democrats don’t study history, so their neo-con masters repeat this, for them:

FDR moved the Pacific Fleet, from Dago, to Pearl, embargoed and froze Japan, got with General Marshall, to suppress all intel and alert capacity, at Pearl, so the USS Ward shot a midget sub and radar contact resulted in no alert. Then FDR issued General Order 9066, to inter Japanese-American citizens and take their property.

FDR sold a pot ban, declared unconstitutional, whereupon Nixon founded the DEA.

JFK wanted to peace out, but he went for a ride, in a Lincoln convertible, and he was doinking Marilyn, but he neglected to hear that first shot and DUCK, down the road. Maybe he didn’t like Jackie’s lap, anymore.

LBJ’s Navy started the Viet Nam War, so Nixon wound up, as President, to bug the Democrats, since LBJ ordered the CIA, into domestic surveillance, and Truman signed the NSA and CIA, into dubious existence, in 1948, to precede Orwell’s book.

Bush the first stopped, on the road, to Basra, got on NPR, to incite rebellion, in Iraq, and he watched, on TV, while the Republican Guard whacked all the Shiiites, Kurds, Madans and whomever got whacked.

Obama moved, to Chiraq, which didn’t need him to be Darth Goat-boy, while Clinton actualized Fire Marshal Bill, by calling Harry Reid, on the Oval Office phone, while Monica plied her trade.

Bush suppressed all investigations, into bin Laden, to make sure 9/11 happened, and then he and crew lied, about WMDs. to get two wars.

The neo-con women all crowed, including Feinie and Boxer, on Kerry’s 2003 sub-committee, and the goats have been bleating, at Robin Abcarian and anyone else, attractive, to goats, ever since, while Will Farrell made up for not showing GW to be, what he really is and was, by doing ANCHORMAN, since all the media goat-herds just let the Democrats let the Republicans repeat what FDR and LBJ did.

The Democrats never learn, so they copy Republican bleats, while Robin tries, to hear, for all her herding. It is the way, of today’s con.

See also: Keanu Reeves. He was NEO-Keanu! Do ya think, neo-cons?

Those producing War-Bros. sure did.

SCOTUS sends dirty money, to the front of the line:

April 3, 2014,0,3228984.story#vcomment

Money, per se did not “win.” 

CORRUPT MONEY WON, during profiteering, while the 224+ -years ratified US Constitution should have been up-graded, by Lincoln or after repeal, of Prohibition, or at any time, but nooooooooo! 

Get a clue. Your cell phones and laptops won’t work, for Windows Server 2000, mmm-kay? 

We need a modern due process article, with an upgraded security clause, modern legal definitions, for all of rights, privileges, responsibilities, and duties, with establishment, of a Constitutional Oversight Agency. 

Keep the DHS, but abolish the contaminated FBI, CIA, and NSA, immediately. 

But on CNN, awhile ago, Jane Harman was calling, for abolition, of the NSA, which has been stealing, since 1948, so tool Andrea Mitchell cut in, with news, of the Bieber bust, for dragging, in Miami. 

It turns out Bieber’s GPS proved he wasn’t dragging. But Jane Harman might not get back, on TV, with about the only right on, with something left thing she’s ever had, to say, in public. 

The entire US Court and inferior administrations profiteer, off of cheating discovery and continuing. What should we expect, from corrupt activists, at the top, of the contaminated media food-chain, but dismantling, of protections, which are needed? 

Get a clue, from Disney’s JOHN CARTER. The Martian dog, Woola and Deja Thoris look like Sonia Sotomayor’s cousins, to make a point, about US review. 

It’s like a mission to Mars, with which not everyone gets to be involved, and not everyone should want to be involved, and so, WE SHOULD BE MORE DOWN, TO EARTH. That will take a new constitution, not written, for slavers, by slavers.,0,3228984.story#ixzz2xqLDUBoe