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What could be almost as bad, as right-wing nutjobs, but OBAMANAZIS?

May 25, 2014

This guy thinks he’s the next Obama Girl or maybe another Jacko, spamming, for Obama:

Kevin Patrick, at Google+:

“I read comments by people who call themselves independent voters and it makes me LMAO! Why? Let me break this down for you as simply as I can. There are no independent voters.

The last two presidential elections have pretty much ferreted out the fence post sitters who said long ago that they could vote either way. That is a lie. Most of those using that lame ass excuse for a platform are conservatives who have yet to taste the thrill of victory. They have yet to find a place to truly call home, that is as long as it is a conservative one. They love to tease though. They wear their independent label on the outside, while it is toil and turmoil on the inside.

The climate in american politics has changed wildly throwing caution to the sidelines, and building bunkers along these party lines is the new order of today. There really is no middle of the road politics that will ever prevail in America again. Why? Because political extremism on the right has caused America to view them skeptically with their racist rants, lust for destroying social programs, and general disgust for our military. Too many times have they promised to help their minions become wealthy with their trickled on economics which led us into the largest recession we have ever known.

The left faced this down when we elected Sen. Barrack Obama to the Presidency. At that time we too, were facing our own division with those who wanted to lead our country down the safe path of compromise with our rights and programs which were already downsized to the point of dismal at best. Instead we chose someone who would fight to keep the dream alive. We have had a taste of victory and will not turn back to the unfruitful path of compromise, where there is no room for it.

Put plain and simply. There are no “independents” there are only those who believe that by sitting in the middle of the road, it is somehow safe. They will soon awaken to the fact that there is nothing to give away, unless they steal it from those who have so little left to give.

P.S. If you are an “independent” please contact me now, so I can help you off that fence post.”


Gnote aside:  WHAT AN IDIOT.  Just saying . . .


KP: “The point of the post is not to demean, but to bring attention to polarity in politics. Most independents formed support for a candidate based on support of the one thing found lacking as part of either the Republican, or Democratic party platforms. But the candidates for those independent parties always align either to the left, or right on most issues.”


Bobgnote, after a load of Obamanazi ramblings: 

+Kevin Patrick, with the above, stupid, rambling post, you’ve shown yourself, to be a disoriented idiot, which bought into orthodox, corporate-affected, false, spatial media, re left-center-right, which is problematic, since your little Obamanazi head is way up your flabby, white butt, which encourages the right-wing nutjobs, a lot.  

You enjoy their attention, you second-team neo-con.  But as an independent, who registers non-partisan, or for the Justice Party or Greens, lately, I can say you are really, really demented, from eating and passing Democratic Party scat, for some time.

But you are a puppy, who did not see Carter’s administration resist Jimmy’s early acceptance, of Ralph Nader, so Nader was then stymied, and then Jimmy tried to blow off a Love Canal settlement, before sucking up, to the victims, in the course, of losing, to Reagan.

Idiots like you and Obama are why I will NEVER register or vote Democratic, ever again.  You Obamanazi derps all want to be Obama Girl, but unlike Amber Lee Ettinger, you are not smart, attractive, or talented.

But that doesn’t mean I will ever vote, for a Republitard.


Of course, they didn’t like it:  What a flock of chronics!  I’ll leave out the chorus, of spamming Obamanazis, all rambling away.

KP: “Bob are you having trouble moving forward?”


Bobgnote: +Kevin Patrick, re-read your idiotic post, and explain your Obama Girl-wannabe brand, of Obamanazism.  Are you having trouble reading Obama’s lips, while kissing him?

Excuse me, but you are a 2nd-team Republican, trying to ramble, tritely, about media not one of you Obamanazis understands.


KP: “Bob I am surprised everyday by the same conservative rhetoric I hear come out of asses like you. You are a hate filled anti government fascist, who thinks hiding behind the guise of being independent somehow gives you a vote of animitity gives you status. You have proven my point true. Please try to move forward Bob.”


What is it, with the hyperbolic rambles, re “move forward?”  


+Kevin Patrick, you are an Obama-spammer, who needs to take meds, to see if your delusions will abate.  You are like 10 pounds of crap, trying to fit, in a 5 pound bag.  You are a thumb-sucker, trying to type, in between sitting on your thumb and gumming it.  You have no point, on which you don’t sit, derp.

Are you Obama Girl wannabes having trouble, at moving forward?  Try pulling your heads, out of each others’ butts, then walk.

+Kevin Patrick: “You are a hate filled anti government fascist,” which must mean you want the government, to put things in your festering butt and charge all of us, for it, you stupid, ESL, Jacko-wannabe.  What’s all this crap, about “hate,” from you retards?  You can’t be Obama Girl, so then, you want to be Jacko? 

What next, anyone you troll is “ignerunt?”

+Kevin Patrick: “I am surprised everyday by the same conservative rhetoric . . .”  Look, buttpipe.  You AND the Republitard neo-cons all like to jam independent clauses, together, with no punctuation, but plenty of punk.

You can’t decide what it is you want to be.

Is it Obama Girl?  Get operations and talent.

Is it Jacko?  Take some meds, and O.D.

Is it a Republitard?  You are right on track, you neo-con derp.  Your rambling, trolling, spamming posts are right on target.

So why are you surprised, turd?  You practice conservaderpage, with your fellow trolls!

Crawl out from under a rock and parade, during Pride Week, fool.  Biden outed Bam, for same-sex marriage, so you idiots can hook up.

And, with that,.I intend to go blow off some more Republitards, but hey.  Those Obamanazi jackasses really like to troll, in the neo-con way, don’t they.