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Barack Obama’s Google+ page is kinda busy, with rants, by foreign virgins:

April 13, 2014
At Google+, Barack Obama:
7:07 AM
Mr.Obama  Could you reply me ?

Bob Gaebler
8:54 AM

+俞先正  You must be joking.  Some Obamanazis monitor this page.  By the time you get notice, of this reply, some out-of-work Villaraigoso dude will delete it.

Obama let GW and crew off, for sedition and racketeering, since Obama now includes the fruits, of their misconduct, in his collusion-favorable economy, and he is buffered, by OBAMANAZIS.

Get a clue:  In STAR WARS, Leia is like Pelosi, Jabba is like Boehner, Anniken is like GW Bush, and DARTH VADER IS LIKE OBAMA, the worst president, in US history.

The Democrats went south, when they were the party, of slavery, they stayed there, until Jimmy Carter offered hope, but he vacillated, and he could not divest Israel or the Shah, and the Democratic Party version, of south was then irreparable.

Obama is like Nixon, but he’s more like Hitler, buffered, by Obamanazis.

At least Nixon had the honesty, to bug the Democrats and get the president’s men in trouble, after awhile, SINCE LBJ SET THE CIA, ON DOMESTIC SURVEILLANCE, and all the punk rock is made, from NSA, CIA, and corporate interaction.

I guess anything Obama would tell you could not be as interesting, as IRS means: IT REALLY STEALS!


It’s Robin Abcarian’s fine LA Times column, again:

April 4, 2014,0,5693630.story#vcomment

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“Conservatives already have what they always wanted. They made abortion difficult or near impossible in many states. Health care is still out of reach for many in those same conservative states. Gun violence, out of control. Domestic violence is much higher in conservative states. Unfair wages rule. Why would any woman or man be unhappy? Could have something to do with inequality?”,0,5693630.story#ixzz2xwNL4Ed1

Democrats already have what they always wanted, which is conservaderpish invasions, to violate security, while imposing bondage.

BANG-BANG, on the door, baby! And then, Henry the Goat is at the door. Good thing Robin is Goat Girl.

But Democrats don’t study history, so their neo-con masters repeat this, for them:

FDR moved the Pacific Fleet, from Dago, to Pearl, embargoed and froze Japan, got with General Marshall, to suppress all intel and alert capacity, at Pearl, so the USS Ward shot a midget sub and radar contact resulted in no alert. Then FDR issued General Order 9066, to inter Japanese-American citizens and take their property.

FDR sold a pot ban, declared unconstitutional, whereupon Nixon founded the DEA.

JFK wanted to peace out, but he went for a ride, in a Lincoln convertible, and he was doinking Marilyn, but he neglected to hear that first shot and DUCK, down the road. Maybe he didn’t like Jackie’s lap, anymore.

LBJ’s Navy started the Viet Nam War, so Nixon wound up, as President, to bug the Democrats, since LBJ ordered the CIA, into domestic surveillance, and Truman signed the NSA and CIA, into dubious existence, in 1948, to precede Orwell’s book.

Bush the first stopped, on the road, to Basra, got on NPR, to incite rebellion, in Iraq, and he watched, on TV, while the Republican Guard whacked all the Shiiites, Kurds, Madans and whomever got whacked.

Obama moved, to Chiraq, which didn’t need him to be Darth Goat-boy, while Clinton actualized Fire Marshal Bill, by calling Harry Reid, on the Oval Office phone, while Monica plied her trade.

Bush suppressed all investigations, into bin Laden, to make sure 9/11 happened, and then he and crew lied, about WMDs. to get two wars.

The neo-con women all crowed, including Feinie and Boxer, on Kerry’s 2003 sub-committee, and the goats have been bleating, at Robin Abcarian and anyone else, attractive, to goats, ever since, while Will Farrell made up for not showing GW to be, what he really is and was, by doing ANCHORMAN, since all the media goat-herds just let the Democrats let the Republicans repeat what FDR and LBJ did.

The Democrats never learn, so they copy Republican bleats, while Robin tries, to hear, for all her herding. It is the way, of today’s con.

See also: Keanu Reeves. He was NEO-Keanu! Do ya think, neo-cons?

Those producing War-Bros. sure did.

The second-stupidest neo-con, on the internet has doubts, about AGW and ACC, for his ADHD:

April 2, 2014

Day after April Tool’s Day:

You are “still confused” because you are an idiotic, neo-con, goddamned idiot, who can’t type criteria, run a search, and READ:
jimderp, on 02 Apr 2014 – 07:48 AM, said:
I’m still confused, that being, what caused the many ice ages that came ( some with 3 K high ice sheets ), & what caused them to melt long before evil Capitalists were feckin up the environment? Until the Democrat party was formed, it appears, Earth’s climate was the result of natural cycles.

The Earth and its media and the Sun and its media interact.
Milankovitch cycles regulate the regular glaciation and melting periods, which are particularly regular, about 100,000 years long, in the last 2.58 million years, of the Quaternary Ice Age, which is still going on.
After about 80K years, of glacial proliferation, Earth’s orbit changes, the precission changes, and seasons change, so perennial ice melts, releasing CO2 and CH4, which are potent GREENHOUSE GASSES, and these cause a fast warming, in 5000 years or less, so CO2, the leading forcer, goes from 180 ppm, to 280 ppm.
But humans have released CO2, CH4, NO2, SO2, and loads of non-degradable, industrial GHGs, while destroying foliage and polluting, so areas cannot re-forest, so the greenhouse effect is amplified, by human interference.
We are merely at the end, of the Holocene Epoch and the accompanying interglacial period, which will NOT end, in re-glaciation, so anthropologists are re-naming the Holocene, as the ANTHROCENE EPOCH.  
And so, we have AGW and ACC, instead of new glaciers, while people, INCLUDING YOU work out their ADHD.

Heartland Corporation scams IPCC, with bogus NIPCC, on April Tool’s Day:

April 1, 2014

Let’s read this nonsense, and it turns out, THE HEARTLAND CORPORATION is behind it, so it’s total crap. 

Exxon and the Koch Brothers used to give Heartland lots of money, but no more, since Heartland has torn their cred, to shreds. 

Warming is getting stored, in, the oceans, which are more than 90%, of climatic mass, on Earth, formerly frozen methane clathrates have melted and evaporated, and volcanic events are on the upswing.  CO2 and other greenhouse gasses, including non-degradable, industrial GHGs are rising, in atmospheric concentration, faster, than ever before, SO, as the oceans warm and acidify, we are in the early stages, of MASS EXTINCTION EVENT 6, which will endanger humans, more than it is currently able to do, but wait until volcanic events get bigger and more numerous! 

That’ll get’r’done, humanoids, born to Mr.Greedy and Ms.DD, beholden, to Heartland, et al.

If you are having trouble, with issues, just watch upcoming GAME OF THRONES, on HBO, including the Season 4 premier, this week.  It’s based on A SONG OF FIRE AND ICE, by George R.R. Martin, and guess what happens, to the ice, after a bit more burning?

SF Gate is total crap, for posting this Heartland spam, when the Kochs and Exxon and other former Heartland donors are running, like rats.  What is this, more BANG (Bay Area News Group) propaganda, for the buck? 

THIS IS NOT A ‘REPORT.’  This is neo-con spam!