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Barack Obama sure has a lot to offer, on the internet, including his own pages, on Google+, etc.

April 12, 2014
From the Barack Obama Google+ page:
OFA volunteers are fighting for opportunity for all, but the budget the House just passed is designed to give more tax cuts for those at the top, while putting more burdens on middle-class families.
Paul Ryan go boo-boo:
“The average middle-income family with children would face a $2,000 tax hike.”
Also, the pubs are hacking away, at voters’ rights, to keep the polls clear, for a Republitard charge, toward offices, which are up for grabs.
Gosh!  Do ya think those pubs wannabe the party of slavery, when that is traditionally the Democrats?
Now the Derpocrats are the 2nd-team Republitards!  The majors are in the closet, forever switching sneakers.
Change, already, major idiots.  You are pissing off me and Bobby Jindal, and you didn’t get Clint, the other smart pub.
Clint did his 2012 sketch, re African-American author Ralph Ellison’s INVISIBLE MAN, since the week before the pub convention, Ralph NADER endorsed Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson, of the Justice Party, for President.
Those Pauls aren’t so dumb, but otherwise, there’s Johnny, from Georgia, Tim Griffin, in Arkansas, and all the other pubs are merely cunning and corrupt or STUPIDER THAN DERPOCRATS. 
That takes some real stupidity, but the Tea Party was up to it, and now they can’t have the Senate or Hildog’s WH, not even in 2016, since Obama wanted and bought GRIDLOCK.
I guess when the Derpocrats let GW make sure 9/11 happened, IN THE FIRST PLACE, and then they let him LIE, about WMDs, to privatize Iraq’s oil, after GHW daddy incited rebellion and watched the pub Guard stomp all the Shiites, Madans, Kurds, et al, there might be an insurrection, over there, and Barack doesn’t have the brains, to do more, than drone and shove Obamneycare, but wait!
WHAT DID DERPOCRATS EXPECT, FROM LOSING THE HOUSE, OVER OBAMNEYCARE, which doesn’t offer interstate provider competition OR control, over medical or personal issues, such as routine abuse, of testing, hospitalization, or prescriptions, while letting the breeders breed, AND COSTS GET PASSED?
GET A CLUE!  The pubs are here because Barack H. Bush wants them in office, to do gridlock, so Derps complain.

Obamneycare is doing what it is supposed to do: IT SUCKS!!!!!!

April 3, 2014


Who is SMARTER, liberals or conservatives? Hmmmm . . .

March 29, 2014

The question came up, at forums.  Who is smarter, liberals or conservatives?

What is available today are media liberals and neo-conservatives, so these will serve, for comparison.

The media libs and media neos had a smartness contest, in the USA, recently.
The neos and the libs all let GW Bush get away with fraud, murder, mayhem, and theft.
The libs didn’t even notice, when Gore and Kerry dived the 2000 and 2004 elections, while letting GW Bush racketeer.
The libs put up Barack H. Bush, who won, in 2008, to continue GW’s outrages and something he copped, from Willard!
That would be Obamneycare, which sucks, but you can’t sell strategy, to liberal geeks.
Meanwhile, the neo-cons kept trying to cross-breed stupid, with retarded, and look where they got!  Bobby Jindal told them to cut that out, in 2012.
The wars are still on, KXL is underway, Barack sucks, GW is still on the run, and the libs are tards.
But the neos couldn’t throw the tea, overboard, wake up, smell the coffee, and take the Senate and WH, by 2012.
The projection is neos won’t beat Hildog, by 2016, with which I agree, since I’ve been on forums, and the neos won the stupid contest but LOST THE ELECTIONS.
That happened because ya’all are wicked STUPID, even stupider, than media liberals, you goddamned, environment-hating, science-disparaging, fact-deprived, retarded, zombie-walking, neo-con MORONS!
Good day, from an independent . . .